National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
McKinleyville, CA
January 15, 1995
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As if the torrential rains over California during early 1995 were not enough, the residents there experienced a number of intriguing UFO sightings, as well. Perhaps the most dramatic was a sighting report we took from a man in McKinleyville, CA, located on the Pacific Coast just south of the Oregon border. He reported that at about 0230 hrs. on Sunday morning, January 15, 1995, he was awakened by barking dogs in his neighborhood, and he went outdoors to smoke a cigarette. As he was smoking, he peered up at the storm clouds overhead, and his attention was immediately drawn to a cluster of perhaps twelve "cobalt blue" objects in a loose formation, which appeared to be flitting between the tops of two adjacent storm cells. After several minutes had elapsed, one of the objects appeared to climb to a higher altitude. After having risen (seemingly) to a considerably higher altitude than the other blue objects, it appeared to hover briefly, at which point it was joined by a cluster of considerably smaller, distinctly green objects, which appeared to streak in from all directions at high altitude. The smaller, green objects suddenly "locked" in formation with the blue object, at which point the formation proceeded to drift west out over the Pacific Ocean. The observer reported that he watched this process of assembly take place perhaps a dozen times over the course of approximately 45 minutes, at which point he became tired of the spectacle and went back to bed!

(Note--Over the last nine months, the Center has received a number of calls regarding alleged sightings of formations of large numbers of bizarre objects or lights in the sky. Among the most dramatic was an hour-long telephone report received on October 16, 1994, from southern Michigan, during which up to 50 (!) strange, round, brightly lighted objects were visible in the sky. The telephoned report was tape recorded, and is very dramatic.)