National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
Kalamazoo / PawPaw, MI
February 16, 1995

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A man called from Paw Paw to report that at 2310 hrs. during the prior night, he and his wife heard a very, very loud sound outside their house, and they went outside to investigate. They quickly detected three very bright lights, which alternately were flashing, then changing in appearance to solid lights.

Standing off some distance were two identical lights, which appeared to hover almost motionless in the night sky. All of the lights were drifting slowly to the west, and they suddenly simply disappeared from sight...instantly!

At 0925 hrs., we received a second call from a former artillery officer, who reported witnessing, together with many other people, three extraordinarily bright objects south of Kalamazoo at 2310 hrs. on the night before. The objects were in single file, flying at apparently very high altitude, and they were coursing due east at 60-75 degrees (est.) above the southern horizon. They were visible for 5-10 minutes.

The observer went on to report that the objects were much brighter than lights on aircraft would have looked like, given the presumed altitude of the objects. In addition, he reported that all observers noted a loud roaring sound, "like a large jet engine," which decreased as the objects continued their flight to the west and finally disappeared from sight.

The observer further reported that earlier in the evening, between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m, he and several of his friends, (independently of each other) had witnessed an extraordinarily bright flash. It was so bright, the caller reported, that it illuminated the interior of his apartment "like a flashbulb."

Moreover, multiple reports of strange sightings that night were reported by local TV stations.

The individual who called from Kalamazoo later spoke with the couple from Paw Paw, located 20 miles to the west of Kalamazoo, who had witnessed the five objects at low altitude. They compared their respective sightings, and tentatively concluded that they both had been witness to the same bizarre objects.