National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
Portland, OR / Seattle, WA
February 22, 1995

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At 0536 hrs., an object, as reported by The Columbian, a newspaper in Vancouver, WA, streaked over that city, generating no audible sound.

At 0600 hrs., the Hotline began receiving multiple calls in rapid sequence regarding a bright green object, approximately 2/3 the diameter of a full moon that was seen to streak from north to south over Seattle at 0537 hrs. Although most observers reported witnessing the object for no more than 2-3 seconds, two observers reported the object, from their vantage point, was seen to stop and hover for up to 30-40 seconds (est.)

The object appeared to proceed to the northwest, passing over Paine Field (airport) in Everett, WA, approximately 30 miles north of Seattle. Curiously, the object did not simply continue to recede from sight. Rather, it simply "winked out," disappearing from view instantly!

In addition, even though the object was at a relatively low altitude (as indicated by the angles above the horizon reported by observers from all over the Puget Sound area) the object was totally silent. How an object can travel the approximately 140-160 miles between the Columbia River and Everett, WA, in approximately 1 minute (est.) and not create a sonic boom (from supersonic flight) remains unexplained.