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1)  Boulder, CO, at 0030 hrs. (MDT) on September 30, 1997

A young woman called to report that three witnesses had just observed a “wedge of approximately 10 orange-colored discs” pass overhead, passing from north to south.  Several minutes later, the same (or second) formation was seen a second time travelling from northeast to southwest. Three adults witnessed the event, including one tavern “bouncer.”  Each observation lasted for approximately 3-4 seconds, during which the objects passed across a large portion of the sky.

2)  Bay Area, CA, at 2230 hrs. (PDT) on Friday, September 26, 1997

A young man reported witnessing a very bright blue light descending vertically very rapidly directly ahead of his car as he drove south on Interstate 5 at approximately 2230 hrs. (PDT).  He estimates he was approximately “20 to 30 miles south of Highway 152,” at the time of the sighting.  The light was the “color blue of a runway light,” and it was visible approximately two seconds.  It did not look to him to be a typical “shooting star,” i.e. a meteor, he reported.

3)  Boynton Beach, FL,  at 0305 hrs. (EDT) on Monday, September 29, 1997

A man reported witnessing a very strange “lighted formation” to the east of his home, that appeared to be moving in a southerly direction, “parallel to the coast.”  The object was white, and “shaped like a light bulb.”  The object was “solid white,” approximately one-quarter the diameter of a full moon, and its “point was going forward.”  The object gave off no discernible sound, and was visible for approximately 20 seconds.

4)  Oysterville, WA,  at 1330 hrs. (PDT) on Tuesday, September 30, 1997

A retired senior military officer (O-6) witnessed what at first appeared to be a “black line” over the ocean, and which appeared to be flying directly toward his home from the west. He alerted his wife, and both of them witnessed a peculiar, dark object fly overhead.  It was witnessed by several neighbors, as well, and all agreed that the only noise discernable was a faint hum.  The object vaguely resembled the USAF B-2 bomber, but it had a strake tail, like a F-117 “stealth fighter.”  The object flew from west to east, at an estimated altitude of 1,000-2,000 feet (AGL), and it was visible for an estimated 3-4 minutes.

5)   Stokesdale, NC, at 1950 hrs. (EDT) on Tuesday, September 30, 1997

A woman calls to report a “huge light hovering above the trees to the west.”  She reported that it was “very bright, with red-orange colored light underneath.”  She estimated its size to be close to that of the diameter of the moon.  (Shortly after the first call, an unidentified male called to report that he had looked at the object, and felt it was either a “twinkling” star, or the planet Mars.  He felt it was the size of “a pencil lead, held at arm’s length.)

5)  Dickson County, TN, on Tuesday, September 30, 1997

An amateur ufologist reported from Dickson County, TN, that multiple UFO sightings had been reported to law enforcement agencies in Vanlear and Whitebluff, Tennessee.  One caller reported that the object appeared to hover very close to the ground.  (Update:  See October 5, 1997 entry.)