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Daily Posting for Friday, October 3, 1997
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1)  Forestville, CA, at 2025 hrs. (PDT) on Thursday, October 02, 1997

A man called to report having witnessed what he felt had been a very peculiar event in the evening sky... He was looking at the evening sky, enjoying a beautifully clear evening, when he noticed a light, "of approximately magnitude '3'," moving across the sky toward the south on a heading of approximately 225 degrees (magnetic).

Then the observer noticed a second object, similar in appearance, size, and magnitude, moving parallel to, and approximately 10 seconds behind, the first object.

Both  objects simply disappeared from his view to the southwest.

Shortly after the first sightings, the same observer noticed a much more prominent object of "magnitude minus 2 and one half, to minus 3," hovering stationary in the sky "near Altair."  The object remained motionless for approximately 30 seconds, then started moving to the northeast, seemingly parallel to the path that the first two objects had been seen to follow, although in exactly the opposite direction.  The object appeared to enter the earth's shadow, fade, and disappear from sight.

2)  Duncan Creek, ID, at 2130 hrs. (MDT) on Saturday, September 27, 1997

Mr. Ike Bishop, affiliated with the Mutual UFO Network in Boise, Idaho, forwarded the following report:

Two adults, located approximately 110 miles south-southeast of Boise, ID, observed a very bright, pulsating light in the night sky.  They looked at the light with 8 x 25 binoculars, and noted that it had the shape of a disc.  Just to the left of the light was a second, "pinkish" colored light.

Suddenly, the disc was seen to "shoot up," and begin moving in the night sky.  It appeared to give off red, green, and white-colored light.  The object appeared, from the observers' vantage point, to be the "size of a pencil erasure at arm's length."  They observed the object for an estimated 15 minutes.

The next morning, at approximately 0430 hrs. (MDT), the same two individuals witnessed a "pyramid shaped" illuminated (?) object, which flew directly over their vehicle.

3)  Onalaska, WA, at 2035 hrs. (PDT) on Friday, October 03, 1997

A woman reported driving to the west on State Highway 12, when she had a momentary glimpse of a "round, bright light" pass directly over her automobile, and travel in exactly the opposite direction as she was driving.  Ten to fifteen seconds later, she observed a second, similar object going in the same direction as the first, i.e. from the west to the east, which also passed directly overhead.  .

The observer reported that the objects illuminated the bottoms of the clouds overhead with white colored light as they streaked to the west.  She reported that she had never seen anything she considered to be a UFO prior to this event.