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Daily Posting for Saturday, October 4, 1997
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1)  Jupiter, FL, at 2215 hrs. (EDT) on Saturday, October 04, 1997

A young boy witnessed a peculiar blue object with a halo around it in the sky to the north-northwest of Jupiter.  He pointed out the object to a young friend, who then went to alert his father to the event.

The father witnessed two very bright blue “balls of light” in the northwestern sky, which were occasionally obscured by the storm clouds in the area.  Suddenly, one of the two lights dropped below the horizon, then shot up again, it shot to the left, and then made “swirly motions” in the sky.  The second object, similar in appearance to the first, was moving around in its own fashion.

The witnesses thought that there were three objects in the sky at the same time, although not all of them witnessed all three objects at the same time.

2)  Peyton, CO, at 2000 hrs. (MDT) on Sunday, October 04, 1997

A man called to report just having witnessed a very bright light, “with an arc in front,” pass overhead, moving generally from west to east in a straight line.  The object was a very bright, white light, “the size of a full moon.”  The caller described the object as “the size of a (USAF) C-5B “Galaxy” transport jet. (Ed Note:  The largest military transport plane in the U. S. arsenal.)

Three adults and 2 children witnessed the object for approximately 4 minutes, they estimated.

(Ed. Note:  The “Mir/Atlantis” craft may have passed over this area on Sunday night, but it would have been only shortly AFTER it was scheduled to pass over the San Francisco Bay Area, which was at 1904 to 1907 hrs. (PDT).  There may be an error in the reported times for the sightings from Colorado, however.)

(Please see report from Colorado Springs, CO, submitted on Monday, 06OC97, for comparison.)