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Looking Back - by Bob Gribble
November 1966 - 30 Years Ago

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While in orbit aboard Gemini XII on the 11th, Jim Lovell and Edwin Aldrin saw four UFOs linked in a row. Both astronauts said the objects were not stars.

Three days later, on the 14th9 Al Wiselka and Leonard Kaiser were elk hunting and saw strange lights on a ridge near the elk pastures above west Pass Creek, near Dayton, Wyoming. The next day on the way back they checked the spot and found a semicircular area where the brush and grass were pressed flat and branches of brush on the perimeter clipped off. They also found the body of a fawn lying outside of the perimeter. Where the head and neck crossed the perimeter line, they had been cut off, with no sign of blood or visible wounds. The body lay there for weeks and was never touched by magpies or other scavengers; even flies and maggots left it alone.

Just after noon on the 29th, Jack Brown was flying his small aircraft northbound over California near Mt. Shasta when he saw a bright object streaking across the sky. "There framed against the blue sky was an object that failed to meet any mental description of an aircraft carried in my think box. It looked every bit like a big butane tank (the oblong type you see sitting by the roads with 'Butane Sold Here' signs on them) cutting across the sky at something in excess of three or four hundred miles per hour. It was on a southwest heading which would take it out over the California coast. I blinked my eyes as I watched what appeared to be a white oblong tank flash thru the sky and disappear. With each blink I thought my eyes might focus on a tail assembly or some projection on the object to give me a clue as to its identity. All this had taken just a few seconds and yet I know I saw something and as well know exactly what it looked like. The sixty-four dollar question was - whatinell was it?"