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Looking Back - by Bob Gribble
November 1971 - 25 Years Ago

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Ronald Johnson doesn't know what it was, but it rumbled, whistled like a jet, shot into the sky and left a glowing ring behind on the ground. Ronald, l5, son of Mr. & Mrs. Dural Johnson, rural Delphos, Kansas, was doing his chores about 7 p.m. on the 2nd. With him was his dog, Snowball. Ronald said he heard a rumble as he approached the back of the barn. About 40 yards away, he saw something "really bright - like a welder." The thing whistled like a jet plane and ascended rapidly into the sky. Ronald ran to the house to summon his parents and they watched the thing moving away. In an area of scrub trees, they found a phosphorescent ring on the ground. Ronald said he thinks the UFO was about eight feet in diameter and perhaps 10 feet tall. It burned the ground and knocked down a dead Chinese elm tree. Ottawa County Sheriff Ralph Enlow, who investigated the apparent landing site said, "The ring was more than a foot wide and extended about a foot deep into the ground. The surrounding area was still muddy from recent rains, but the ring was extremely dry, as if something had sucked all the moisture from it."