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Phoenix Lights Case Images - March 13, 1997

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Handwritten report from "Dorothy" in Las Vegas, NV, of her sighting of bizarre objects over Las Vegas on Wednesday evening, March 12, 1997, similar to what was seen the following night over Arizona.


Handwritten report from witness in Henderson, NV, a suburb of Las Vegas, of his sighting on Thursday night, March 13, 1997. He reported that the objects were seen moving to the southeast, toward Arizona.


Photograph of Camelback Mountain, taken from, and located to the north of, Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, AZ.

Artist's rendition of object that flew slowly over Camelback Mountain, and stopped above the home of Mrs. Sue Watson for an estimated five minutes.

Hand-drawn illustration by Mrs. Sue Watson, of what she and her four children witnessed above them.

Artist's rendition of the "bolt" of light projected from the bottom of the craft, witnessed by Mrs. Sue Watson, as it departed to the south toward Sky Harbor International Airport.


Artist's rendition of the object above Mrs. Stacey E. Roads, and the four other occupants of her vehicle, as it moved southeast above Interstate 10 near Casa Grande, AZ, southeast of Phoenix.

Artist's rendition of object above Mrs. Stacey Roads' vehicle, indicating the relative size, as estimated by the witnesses on the ground.

Drawing and text by Mrs. Stacey Roads of what the object looked like to the witnesses in her vehicle.


First print coverage (March 14, 1997) of the "Phoenix Lights" event, written by Laura Hinchey, The Daily Courier, Prescott, AZ.

Copy of New York Times article (March 15, 1997) about the injury (allegedly) sustained by President William J. Clinton, while visiting the Florida home of professional golfer, Greg Norman, at the very time the "Phoenix Lights" event was occurring over Arizona.

Article in USA Today newspaper (June 18, 1997), written by "stringer" Richard Price, which "breaks" the story about the "Phoenix Lights" event.

Article in The Arizona Republic (June 20, 1997) about the "Phoenix Lights" event of three months earlier.