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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/9/1996 05:00
Reported: 6/11/1996 16:46
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Banning, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:35 min.
A young woman was driving eastbound on Highway I-10 near Banning and Idlewild, CA. It was dark when she left home at 0400 hours, on 09JN96, and she had noted the moon in the eastern sky, so she knew what that celestial body looked like.

At 0500 hrs., she noticed a "slice of light" above a nearby mountain top. It was bright, "like a star." She continued to watch the object for an estimated 35 minutes (approx. 40 miles), and the object appeared to stay in the same location.

She noted that whe was about the only vehicle on the highway, except for a truck that was behind her, "approximately 2 miles."

Then, the left side of the bright object blinked twice (she thought), and the whole object turned black, or perhaps gray. However, the object remained stationary, and the "core part" of it appeared to the observer to be round. She also added that the object looked like a "sideways Vee." (?)

The object remained stationary during this part of her sighting. However, when the object was abreast of her, off to the left (?) side, it suddenly disintegrated and disappeared, like an "etch-a-sketch."

She believes she witnessed a UFO as a teenager.