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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/15/1996
Reported: 12/31/1996 13:52
Posted: 2/18/2001
Location: Sewickly, PA
Shape: Dome
Duration:2 sec.
((NUFORC Note: This report received over the telephone from a seemingly serious-minded person. The time and date in March 1996 are approximate. PD))

Woman called in response to her viewing a re-run of a Hard Copy program, which featured NUFORC.

Sometime in mid-March 1996, the caller's husband was outside walking their dog. He suddenly called his wife and daughter to come outside and look at some peculiar lights in the sky.

The caller went outside, only to see a 7-9 foot tall dome, which was about the same dimension in width.

In addition, they saw a human-like creature in a "window" in the near side of the dome-like craft.