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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/3/1996 21:00 (Entered as : approx. 21:00 or 21:30)
Reported: 12/9/1996 07:44
Posted: 3/7/1998
Location: Derby, CT
Shape: Light
Duration:30 - 40 minutes
SUMMARY: Two large lights were seen high in the sky. The objects swung around, changing position with one another, then the top object vanished. The other remained visible as we traveled forabout 20 miles.

I was driving, and my friend ((name delted)) was a passenger. We were on Route 8, on our way from Naugatuck, CT to Norwalk, CT. About 1/3 of the way to Norwalk, in Derby, I spotted two large, bright lights in the sky, and pointed them out to ((name deleted)). The lights were larger than a visible planet would appear; the closest description I can give as to size was that they were similar in size to street lights viewed from a car, only they were clearly very high in the sky, so the actual size of the objects had to be enormous. We watched the objects, which were hovering in place, the one on the left a little higher than the one on the right.

Suddenly, the objects moved, rotating around one another (top to bottom) to switch places with one another. Then, the one which had moved to the top winked out, just vanished. There was a faint trail leading upward where that one had been, but it disappeared quickly.

I drove another few exits to Shelton, CT, where we got off of the highway onto Bridgeport Avenue. We stopped at a car dealership which had a clear view of that part of the sky (I'd say, south, maybe south east part of the sky--I'd have to look at a map to be more specific--we were driving generally south at the time).

We got out of the Jeep and stood in the lot, watching the remaining light. It kept its position.

After a few minutes, we got back into the Jeep, and I continued to drive to Norwalk. We watched the light all the way to Norwalk; it remained the in the same part of the sky the entire way (probably for a total of 20 miles or so), so it had to be pretty high up.

When I dropped ((name deleted)) off at her home, I had one more look at the object by a running track near her house, then I headed home (driving north, so I could no longer see it in front of me). I couldn't see the part of the sky where it was when I got home, so I just went inside. The lights were pale yellow or white-ish in color. I thought they seemed round, but ((name deleted)) said at the time (and has maintained) that they seemed triangular to her. They were definitely not airplanes (we saw plenty of planes in the sky that night--no comparison). They also didn't behave like planes.

I'm 29 years old, female, married, a webmaster/graphic designer by profession. I've never seen any unusual phenomena in the sky before, and have always been skeptical about the whole UFO thing. While these lights may not be alien in nature, I certainly can't explain them (if you figure out what they were, please let me know!)

I don't know ((name deleted)) age (mid to late 40s perhaps). She is currently attending college full time to get her masters in painting, and I believe a certificate to teach (or something of that nature).

If I can give you any further specifics, please contact me.