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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/25/1997 02:00
Reported: 3/4/1997 03:51
Posted: 3/7/1998
Location: Crystal Lake, IL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:3-4 seconds
Summary : I was laying on the sofa looking out the window at 2:00 am with the Moon and Mars in the sky and all of the sudden I saw an orange-red ball whiz between the Moon and Mars.

I am an amatuer astronomer and know for certain it was not a meteor or satelite and it was moving too fast to be a plane or other form of aircraft which I am familiar with.

It darted across the entire sky from my viewpoint. I am not saying it was a ufo but I cannot identify what it was. I have been looking at the sky all my life and have never seen anything that looked like that.

It was orange-red and round. I cannot judge how far it was away, but it was really fast.

Whenever I get the chance to view the stars I am and have never seen anything like it with my naked-eye or through my telescopes. I have always believed in life other than on our own planet because we are just a grain of sand in the desert compared to the universe, so it would be concieted to say we are the only life in the universe.

This is my first real sighting of something I can't explain.