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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/25/1988 21:00 (Entered as : 02/25/88 21:00)
Reported: 8/3/1997 05:35
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Brandon, FL
Shape: Light
Summary : One evening I looked 100' ahead and 100' high and saw what looked like stadium lights in a vacant field where there was no lighting whatsoever.

At apporox. the above date and time I was sitting in my car in front of my girlfriends house. We were arguing and she was sitting in the front passenger seat yelling at me. I looked out my front windshield and approx. 100' ahead of me and 100' high I saw what appeared to be '3' rows of stadium type lighting. The lights were all white, but not bright enough that you couldn't look at it. At first glance I thought nothing of it. I blew it off as stadium lighting or some kind of neighborhood lighting. I then turned back to listen to what my girlfriend was saying. Suddenly, it hit me...There is no lighting in that area. The only thing in that area is a vacant field. (approx. 1 square acre). So I quickly turned my head back toward the lights and said, "What is that!?". Before my girlfriend could turn her head to observe it, the lights disappeared. It was as if someone turned off the light switch. I was frozen with disbelief. I didn't say anything or take my eyes off of! the spot. I didn't even say another word. My girlfriend kept asking me "what?", "What was it?", "Talk to me you're scaring me.". I didn't talk. I just slowly got out of my car, walked directly to the spot where I had seen the lights and looked up. NOTHING was there I MEAN NOTHING! I was standing directly below where I had seen the lights and nothing was around lights...nothing. I proceeded to tell my girlfriend what I had seen and she blew it off as some sort of stress related hallucination....However, a couple of nights later we were in her driveway and I was giving her a hug. I had my back to the "SITE AREA" and she was facing it. Suddenly she says, "Did it look like that!?". I turned quickly, but just as the last time it was gone. Before I could turn my head. She reacted the same way I did. She was frozen and couldn't speak. She walked over to the same spot as I did and looked up in awe. She said, "I saw it." "I saw what you told me about the o! ther day and just when I asked you about it, it disappeared as if someone had flipped the light switch."........What did we see?? Was it listening to us?? Was it trying to monitor our behavior?? For years I have been telling people about what I had seen. To this day, noone has been able to explain it. This is the first time I have gone public with this. I am extremely credible and didn't believe in UFO's until that night. I was a Tampa Police Officer for 2 years and Tampa Police Dispatcher for 4 years. In fact I was a Police Dispatcher at the time of my sighting. My girlfriend and I are no longer together, but she was a Deputy Sheriff and is currently a detective for a local security company. Has anyone else ever heard of this type of UFO? Can anyone ease my conscience?