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Occurred : 8/19/1997 23:00 (Entered as : 08/19/97 23.00)
Reported: 8/20/1997 09:31
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: London (UK/England),
Shape: Circle
Summary : small circular flashing object emiting different colours, seemingly shaking, plus another circular object separating and parallel to, occasionally joining each other with beams of light.

At approximately 11.00pm on Tuesday 19th August 1997 I witnessed a strange event for about half an hour. What can only be described as a circle of lights changing colour rapidly, from yellow to orange to blue to green to red to yellow and repeating. The circle seemed to be shaking and moving in the air. It then split into two identical objects as previously mentioned. Then flying parallel to each other they became joined by beams of light as if they were one large object. I continued to watch until I realised I had never seen an object such as this in the sky before. It wasn't a plane or a satelite, I can say this with confidence as I live in a very tall building and frequently look at the sky at night through a pair of binoculars; and the cloud cover was too low to see any stars.