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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/25/1993 15:00 (Entered as : 11/25/93 aprox.15:00)
Reported: 11/10/1997 19:34
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Mesquite (Approx. 15 miles west on I-15 of), NV
Shape: Other
Duration:5 min. approx.
Summary : Two adults driving see "metallic" objects in sky. Look like commercial aircraft but no movement. Watch objects for a couple of minutes slight movement. Decide to stop and look thru binochulars but objects disappear as car stops.

My brother and I where driving to Las Vegas, NV for a family get together. It was late afternoon around 3:00pm. We were driving west on I-15 approx. 15 miles west of Mesquite, NV when I noticed what I thought was a commercial airliner off to the South and approx. 50-60 degrees up. The sky was clear not a cloud anywhere. The object was "metallic" or "white/silver". Like a jet when the sun is gleaming off it. I continued to glance up at the object and I relized it was not moving and had no contrail. I said to my brother jokingly there is a UFO up there. He pushed back the sunroof so he could look. As I remember it took him a little while to pick the object out. Then another object though not as bright appeared. At one time I could see 3-4 at one time. They would fade out then come back either were the where or close. We remembered we had binochulars so my brother got them out. The car was vibrating too much to tell what they where. We decided to stop. As we did ! come to a stop the objects disappeared. We waited awhile since they had been coming and going out of view. But, they never came back. We proceded on our way did not see them again. We thought they may have been jet fighters at a very high altitude so as to appear as no movement. Or possibly military aircraft dropping flares. The first object was the brightest and lasted the longest. It was moving VERY slowly to the south as it faded away. Did anyone else see these objects or simular objects in this area? Since it has been 4 years ago my memory of it is'nt as sharp as it was. One strange thing I did'nt think of at the time was there was very little traffic on the highway. Usually, as I have made this trip numorous times at Thanksgiving time the traffic is heavy.