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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/2/1997 20:30
Reported: 1/7/1998 03:39
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Birch Run, MI
Shape: Chevron
Duration:5 min
Summary : I went to the door to put my dog out. I saw red and green lights coming across Birch Run Rd toward my house through the trees. I watched as the lights got closer to me from the front door. I stepped outside and as the craft went over my house I heard a quiet throttle of a engine. The craft was low and just sort of gliding. It came form the Northeast sky and continued moving North toward Saginaw MI. I talked to a neighbor and was told that during a party in late October several witnesses saw the very same thing. It hovered over the party moving in circles and then hovering. The craft was V-shaped in front with 2 red lights and 1 green light in front of it. The lights were very mezmerizing.

The craft was v-shaped in front. Dark in color. Round in back. It had 3 lights on it. 2 red and 1 green in front. The back had no visible lights. It just went over my house. It was not very high. It appeared to be gliding. I could hear a faint throttle of an engine. I could not hear any sound until it was over me. I live in a rural area and I have alot of weeping willow trees in my yard outside my door. I had been sleeping. I woke up at 8:25 PM and went to the door to put my dog out. When I saw the lights coming toward my house I just stood in the doorway to watch and see what it was. I have never seen anything like that in my life. I am 49 years old. It was so weird. I have been watching the skies ever since and I have seen a very bright light in the sky for months. It looks like a very bright star. It goes high and the light gets faint and then it comes low and the light gets very brilght again. I have seen it just zoom off. Sometime I don't see it for a couple of weeks and then it comes back again. I went to Flint, MI one night and watched it all the way there (about 30 Min from my home). As I sat in the Sams Parking Lot on Corunna Rd. I could see activity coming from the light. I saw a red lights come from it. The light split into 2 red light and zoomed across the sky toward the other side of Flint.