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Occurred : 7/18/1998 23:22 (Entered as : 07/18/98 23:22)
Reported: 7/18/1998 21:03
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Kingston (Canada), ON
Shape: Other
Duration:10seconds approx
We were siting with friends on their patio when I looked up and saw what appeared to be a star heading off just off the tip of the top star at the top cup of the big dipper it ran from there to right above me in about 7 - 10 seconds then appearred to fizzle out. It could of been falling star but I've never seen one last as long or appear to waver a bit as it went. If you have an explanation as to what this might have been I would like to hear from you. It covered an arc from my chair to when it went out of about 125 degrees if you were to follow with your arm in about 7 seconds, not like a falling star as there usually much quicker and don't waver like this did.

As above three witnesses, all wondering what we saw I didn't count my characters above so I hope you got it all.