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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/29/1998 06:15 (Entered as : 09/29/98 06:15)
Reported: 9/30/1998 00:33
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: Arlington, TX
Shape: Formation
Duration:5 seconds
A series of 10 lights moving across the sky in a straight line

I was standing on my balcony. It was still dark. I saw a large, straight line of about 10 lights moving quickly and soundlessly across the northern sky. The formation formed a perfect horizontal line, and as it continued to move, the line of lights changed formation into a horseshoe shape and I lost sight of it as it passed behind my building. I heard absolutely no sound as this happened and the lights were yellow-white like a light bulb. I was not able to see if the lights were part of one object or independent of each other