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Occurred : 9/29/1998 07:25 (Entered as : 09/29/98 7:25 pm)
Reported: 9/29/1998 20:55
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Vancouver (Canada), BC
Shape: Fireball
Duration:1 to 2 seconds
Travelling eatward by car at dusk, dontown Vancouver. Myself and passenger spotted orange fireball streaking apparent east. Object was quite large and disappeared over buildings or skyline of city. Unusual because at this time the sky was quite light. I didn't have headlamps turned on.

On Sept.28,1998 at approx. 7:25 pm I was driving eastward on 2nd Ave. in Vancouver approaching Main Street. From the corner of my eye to the left of the steering wheel I spotted a flash of light. As I focussed I saw a orange fireball descending into the atmosphere or speeding east in the early evening sky. The object was quite large, slightly smaller then the full moon from the city vantage. The centre of the object was orange and it was glowing white/orange. The fireball disappeared at the height of the buildings or treeline. At this time it was early dusk and quite light in the sky. I could only see one bright star visable and was light enough I did not have my headlamps turned on. There was plenty of traffic. This is downtown Vancouver. I had one passenger with me. I asked him if he saw it! He described the same thing I witnessed. He has made a taped statement for me.