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Occurred : 9/21/1998 19:00 (Entered as : 09/21/98 19:00)
Reported: 10/12/1998 01:34
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Redding, CA
Shape: Light
Witnessing bright lights, mostly white with green and red, in the sky at every point on the compass, starting at 7:00PM and lasting until around 2:30-3:00AM. Different heights and distances from my position. NOT stars, planets or aircraft.

I have been witnessing a recurring sighting of something in the sky over Redding since the 21st of September. The object(s) are still appearing as of tonight, the 12th of October. These objects have been witnessed by three of my neighbors as well as my Grandmother, my Nephew and another friend. The first object appears in the western sky at around 7:10 PM. It slowly, almost imperceptibly, traverses the sky in a diagonal, downward track until it reaches the crest of a mountain called Boley Mountain which is roughly 6 miles from my location. It then disappears on the other side of the mountain. Within three minutes, the object, or another identical object, appears in the northern sky, roughly 30 degree's above the horizon. From this position, it tracks opposite from its path in the west until by 12:30 AM, it is very high in the northeast. The object does not get much higher and does not move east or west. The latest I have watched it is 2:30 AM. At that time it had moved slightly south. I got up at 4:30 AM about four nights ago and saw nothing but stars, the moon and planets. I noticed on the 28th that another, seemingly identical object would appear in the eastern sky at the same time this object moved. The eastern object must be either over or just east of Redding Municipal Airport. On October 4th I started finding more of these objects in different positions around my location or encircling Redding. On the 5th, I counted 16 that I could see. These objects can only be identified as bright white, green and/or blue and red lights with the red light appearing to pulse or rotate around something. Very reminisent of the old police "bubble gum" lights or maybe lights reflecting off of one of those aluminum christmas trees. None of the witnesses, including myself, have been able to see a discernable shape. I am using a fairly new pair of 20X50 Tasco binoculars to view this. Not the best but I all I have available. My neighbor, who was actually the first to see this, has tried to view the object through his 35mm camera using a 300mm telephoto lens. Still could not make out what it is. He took some time-lapse photographs of the first object but is not confident of the outcome since all he had was 200 speed film. I have snapped several photos using a Kodak Max one-time use camera. I know these will either be blank pictures or of poor quality but they are at least pictures. Since I am now dealing with so many of these things it is difficult for me to list every objects position and behaviour. Some of the new ones to the southwest actually appeared very close to the ground. However, being night time and not knowing the distance of my binoculars yet, they could have been thousands of feet in the air. I think they were close to the ground because of my location and knowing the area they appeared to be over. I have sensitivity to bright car lights so could not investigate even though I wanted to. I am a white male, 47 years old and have spent the last 17 years working with computers, 14 of those with Tandy Corporation in Texas. I am currently a private consultant. I do take medications but none would cause this level of hallucination.