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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/15/1997 05:40 (Entered as : 08/15/97 05:40)
Reported: 11/3/1998 00:56
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Lenexa (Greater Kansas City Metro Area), KS
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 seconds
An object moving at a high rate of speed, leaving a bright pink trail.

I was on my way to work early morning as usual, it was about 5:40am CST, as I always do, I like to take pictures of beautiful sunrises.. This particular morning, I left my house and Pulled to an intersection, where I looked towards the East, and saw the beautiful clouds. I got my camera all ready, rolled down my window, right before I snapped the shot, before holding the camera up to my face, I saw what looked to be a shooting star upwards to my right.. I looked up, and it slowly dissappeared.. I went ahead and took the photo, thinking, "At least I got the clouds and the sky. I wish I Could've got the star!" Well, never really studied the picture once it was developed.. Until last week, I was looking at some pictures of furniture, and my eyes were attracted to it immediately! I looked and looked, I could not tell WHAT had shown up on my picture, but it looked as if the shooting star that I saw, had dissappeared to my eye, but the instant I shot the picture, it reappeared.. It must have been traveling at a high rate of speed, and also I had noticed, shooting stars usually do not stop, or turn back around, as shown in the picture.. I have tried to contact some local college professors, or really someone that wants this picture.. I do not know the first thing about UFO's, I'm just amazed that it finally happened to me! I am very interested (and have been)in the paranormal, ghosts, UFO's, so this just really struck me hard... It was a great experience!