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Occurred : 11/6/1998 07:10 (Entered as : 11/06/98 aprox. 7:10)
Reported: 11/6/1998 01:38
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Bothell (north east Seattle area), WA
Shape: Cylinder
Two cylinder objects as if they were clouds at first. One seemed to "land" or fly VERY low, stop and wasn't to be seen agian. 4 other "bubbly" type objects followed after the object appearing to land. I say land because it was moving slowy. Numerous jets quickly appeared in this precise area for a long period.

I got a call from my mother this morning about 7:25 asking me to come over and look at what she was seeing. I live in Bothell, just blocks from her place so I went over right away. She lives high on a wide open hillside overlooking all of the Cascade mountains from about the Carnation foothills going out to the east and from about the Darrington foothills further north going out and over to the east. The view goes well over the Cascade mountain pass encompassing the Eastern Washinton areas of Whenatchee, Chelan and Brewster areas. I got to her place about 7:40. I did not see the objects that my mother said were so unlike anything she had ever seen (she will write out her personal discription in a message to you after she gets off work as a computer programmer today). What I was clearly seeing though were many jet contrail lines in and out of the precise spot she saw these UFO's. What seemed curious where the amount of these contrails. After 15 destinctly seperate trails within 1 hour of arriving I just stoped counting. It was as if I were at an air show watching the those plans that leave those patterns of smoke trails except these planes were fast. From the best I can position them, they were flying in a tight area that seemed to be right over the Whenatchee area. The jets seemed to be coming in from the south. "Well, I certainly have never seen such a force of jets at work like this before". I would like to hear what people in the Wenatchee area know or saw. We did take some later pictures, only of the contrails, if they are clear enough we can scan and send them latter if wanted. ((Name deleted.))