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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/11/1998 20:23 (Entered as : 11/11/98 20:23)
Reported: 11/12/1998 11:38
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Wheatridge (5 miles or so northwest of Denver), CO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15-20 seconds
While standing outside with my wife, I looked up and to the north and saw a triangle craft or formation at about 5000 feet. There were at least 10 white spotlight type lights on the leading edges of the craft and at least one of the lights seemed to move in a random manner inside the craft itself. This was all viewed by my wife and my self from the rear of the craft and the bottom.

The whole event seemed to take place rather quickly. To be honest, my wife and I do describe the object itself in slightly different ways. My first impression of the object was that it looked impossibly large, yet somehow "faked" - in the sense that It reminded me of a projection or a hologram. My wife also thought it looked unreal, but her impression was that it was like an orgami shape. We both agree that it was VERY large and had at least ten bright round white lights on it. These were like spotlights except they thru down no beams, for lack of a better description. I estimate that we were no more than a mile or so away from the craft upon initially seeing it. It moved rather quickly to the north or north east and became progressively harder to see because of the cloudcover in the area at that time. 10 seconds or so after spotting it - I thought to run inside and grab my camcorder, but I had no sooner made it thru the front door, when my wife said (in a very non-plussed way) "it's gone". in the interim, as I ran into the house she says that it looked like it was turning hard to the east, as if it was standing on it's edge, and then "changed shape" and became more spherical right before it dissapeared. When it vanished it did not speed off in any one direction - rather it simply dissapeared. As far as I'm concerned, that backs up my projection theory, at least in some respects. However, that would be one heck of a powerfull projector, to put an image on cloudcover at 5000 or so feet. Now, some background. I am 29 years old and I work in Provisioning for AT&T. To be honest, I have always enjoyed stargazing and have always said that I have an open mind about UFO's and would like to see one, but seeing this really blew my mind. Having said that, let me also restate the seeming "unreality" of the whole event in both my wifes and my own perceptions of it. By the way, my wife is 33 and she is a stay at home mom. We have a 8 month old daughter that was sleeping on the couch at the time of the sighting. Our main reason for reporting this is absolutely NOT for gain or publicity, but out of a simple curiosity... I wonder if you have recieved any similar reports from others in our area at the same time. Please call if you have any questions.