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Occurred : 12/2/1998 17:00 (Entered as : 12/02/98 17:00)
Reported: 12/2/1998 06:01
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Columbus, OH
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 minutes
It was a round/disk shaped object that reflected the sunlight. It was hovering at an angle. I say hovering cause it moved like that, not like it was something flying in a straight line like an airplane. It hovered for a few seconds and then disappeared. It reappeared 3 more times in completely different spots in the sky, but in the same area. I was driving at the time watching this happen.

I was driving out to my brother's Hockey Game to give him an envelope he forgot at home. I was getting off of the 270east freeway exit ramp at Easton and was watching an airplane (commercial, passenger jet) The sun was setting so I watched the sunset and there were white jet trails in the sky. There is an airport East of there so the Commercial Jet, was just at an upwards climb, and low in the sky. Out by the closest white jet stream, actually below it to the right, was a round/saucer shaped object that was hovering in the sky at an angle. It reflected the sunlight underneath it and was dark on top. It hovered for a few seconds, but long enough that I got a good look at it. I kept looking and it reappeared in a different spot to the right and above where it was before in the sky. It acted the same way and disappeared again. It was definitely the same object. It reappeared a third time below the second spot and to the right sort of making a triangle of appearances. It acted the same way again and disappeared, and I had to turn the corner. It didnt act the exact same way each time, but hovered and was at a slant. I parked at the Easton Ice Rink where my brother plays hockey and went inside to give him his envelope. I went back outside and watched the sky for a few minutes. I didnt see the object again. I drove down the bottom of the hill and across to a newly built parking lot and turned around and watched the sky for a moment. The two jet trails were still visible, well obviously because there were jets attached ot the trails. I was about to drive away, and saw the object again. There was a black helicopter flying above a neighborhood near there, and the object was farther out in the sky about the same distance it was before, and acted in the same manner and finally disappeared. It was probably not as far away as the jet trails in the sky, but it was close enough I could see it clearly. I had to get back to my store, so I after it disappeared the fourth time, I didnt see it for a few minutes, I left and drove back. This might have been one of the same objects or four different ones, but they were all the same, all four times. My opinion is it was one object. I happened to not see it outside of the car, only when I was inside the car. But, it was definitely, something in the sky and not something like a reflection in my windshield. The car was not moving when I saw it the fourth time. I am 21 years old, and I run my own business in Westerville, Ohio. Which is where I drove from this day. I have seen many documented videos on recent UFO and/or flying saucer footage, and I didnt think I would ever see something to look and act quite that close to what I have witnessed on those documents. I would have never even noticed it if I hadnt been watching the airplanes, and the sunset like I was.