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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/3/1998 23:30 (Entered as : 11/03/98 23:30)
Reported: 12/5/1998 02:13
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Kirkland, WA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:1minute +
On Thursday night, December 3, 1998, I was driving alone toward my home. At approximately 11:30 pm, I turned right onto Slater Street, South, from Ohde Ave., heading south toward my house. Just after going through the stop sign at the intersection of Kirkland Ave. and Slater St. S., I saw three large, bright, round headlights very low in the sky ahead of me. Two were very bright, white. The third, in between the white ones and slightly lower, was bright red. All three were at least three times the size of a standard car headlight. Two smaller white lights were to the rear. In spite of the glowing brightness of the lights, the street was not brightly illuminated, considering that the lights appeared to be just above the tree tops. From my vantage point, they were behind and slightly to the left of the next intersection. I slowed down, turned off the radio and stopped the car, for the briefest moment, in order to have a better look at what was happening since I was heading in their direction. Instantly,I realized that the lights weren't moving, there was no engine noise, the pattern of lights was not like an airplane and there were no blinking lights such as an airplane would have, plus it was much too close to the ground-maybe 150 feet or so up. This was something different. Since I had stopped just short of the driveway of the house before mine, my next thought was to hit the Genie button and head for my garage. As I accelerated and drove toward my driveway, in the direction of the lights, I saw that the lights were moving toward me; very slowly and noiselessly, staying at the same height and now parallel to the road. At this point I was very anxious to get into the garage. As I turned left into my driveway, I saw that the garage door had not opened so I pressed the Genie button again and paused at the bottom of the drive in order to make sure that the door was opening. (My driveway is gravel, on an uphill slope. I can't stop halfway up because the wheels spin in the gravel and the car can't safely make it inside without swerving.) I looked up to the right and saw that the lights were slowly approaching where I was stopped. They were so close that I could see the under-belly of a triangular, wedge-shaped craft, somewhat like a Stealth Bomber. It was a clear, windless night and the shape was a black sillouette against the night sky, but there was no noise. At that point, the craft was at the far corner of my front yard, up above (approx.150 ft +-) the telephone pole which is about 80 ft from my driveway. I stepped on the accelerator and drove into the garage with just enough clearance to get under the door, which was still rising. Immediately, I hit the Genie button and remained rivited to my seat until the door closed. It was then I realized that the engine was still running. Next, I shut off the engine, ran into the house, shut off the alarm, waited a moment so I could reset it and immediately ran to the nearest window. The craft was gone. For the next few minutes I ran around the darkened house looking through various windows but the only other thing I saw was a shooting light over Lake Washington at about Laurelhurst. I called the friend I had just dropped off before heading home. And then by 11:49, I had called you to report what I had seen