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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/13/1998 05:00 (Entered as : 12/13/98 5:00)
Reported: 12/13/1998 20:55
Posted: 1/28/1999
Location: Clayton/Chesterfield/Ladue, MO
Shape: Oval
Duration:1 hour 15 min
((NUFORC Note: The following description, though excellently well prepared and extremely detailed, we observe is not significantly different from MANY reports we receive, that ultimately are identified to be celestial bodies. We may err in our preliminary assessment in this case, but the unusually long duration time (75 minutes) makes the case seem more like a "twinkling star" case, of which we receive MANY. We apologize to the witness if our assessment is incorrect.))

I first spotted two objects west of my position. They were 1000 feet above ground level in the night sky. One was greenish blue and another was reddish yellow. I took 15 pictures of objects of which I do not yet know the quality. I followed objects for 10 miles to see if they would appear closer to me. They did and as I continued I spotted a third object which was much closer. It had a circle of white lights with a red light circling the object and constant. Lights were not blinking like a plain.

I had just walked my girlfriend to her car. I came back up to my 3rd story apartment, got a glass of water and glanced out the window. West of my building I noticed an object with greenish blue lights. I thought at first it was just a satelite or plain. But as I continued to look at it I noticed the object changing color within seconds - going from blue to green to blue to white. The lights appeared to have a circular sequence around the object and as they made one complete cycle around the object they would then change color. I continued to monitor the object through two large branches on a tree outside my window which extends to the top of our apartment complex. I used the branches as limits to see if the object would move above or below a branch. It did as if it was bouncing around in the sky. Then I noticed a flash of light north of the object I was observing. A second object appeared. This object appeared to be higher up and was reddish yellow in color. I could see a haze around this object and it appeared to be farther away or just smaller. I then was convinced that something strange was up. So, I grabbed a camera (disposable from a wedding I attended) and ran outside. I wanted to see if the images would appear closer to me if I drove west. As I went 1 mile west of my complex I pulled into a parking lot where a man was laying dirt. I got out and asked him if he thought those two objects looked strange. He was startled but admitted that the blue green object did seem rather strange. So, I got back into the car and drove 40 MPH down a suburb street that connected several counties of St.Louis. The road went directly west towards the objects. The reddish object seemed to be leading me. In fact it gradually moved directly in front of me and as I slowed down it almost seemed like it would slow down. So then I would speed up and it would seem farther away. I felt like it knew I was following it. Meanwhile the greenish blue object remained on the left of the road and was still twice! as low to the ground as the reddish object. After 10 miles on the same road heading west towards the objects there was no doubt in my mind that the objects were unidentifiable and moved very freely unlike a plain or a baloon of any kind I had ever seen. I was running out of road after 10 miles and decided to pull over into a neighborhood street to take pictures of the object. The lights in the area I was now in were more scarce then where I started following the objects. As I got my camera out and closed my door, I turned to see a object flying maybe 500 feet off the ground and maybe .25 miles away from me. The object was so low that it's image was constricted when it passed behind the houses I was standing in front of. I quickly snapped off two pictures of this object and ran back to my car to follow it as I had lost sight of it behind more houses. When I pulled back out to the main street I could not see the object. Also, I noticed that the reddish yellow object was no longer high in the sky. In fact I couldn't find it. Therefore, the object that was low to the ground could have been a totally different object or the object I followed earlier. This object that I flashed two pictures of was oval in shape it was circled in bright white lights and had several red lights on its front ( I think it was the front because of the direction it was heading which was north of me). It did not make a single sound and when it flew it seemed to float move effortlessly. Also, it's flight pattern was very irratic as it decended and ascended several times within 10 seconds I had a good look of it. Finally, the object was not moving fast at all. In fact it seemed to be slow which may have been what caused it to look like it was floating. After getting back in my car to follow the object I realized that the greenish blue object was no longer west of me but was now east of me and still on my left side. I raced towards a local highschool parking lot in order to park my car and get away from the trees. I was able to get a fairly good look of the sky. I waited for 10 minutes and did not see the object that had previously flown close to me. So, I continued to watch the blue green object which seemed to be stationary in the same position I described earlier. Then, out of know where I noticed this object moving at the same speed fly from behind my position - yet not directly over me towards the blue green object. In fact, the blue green object seemed 500 hundred feet above it. The object continued but again was low enough that objects such as houses and trees seemed to restrict my view. I got in my car and drove back on the same street following the blue green object. It seemed to be moving higher away yet I kept a clear visiual of it. At this moment, I was 5 miles away from my complex and the sun was coming up directly in front of me. The stars were no longer visible nor were the satelites. Yet, I could still see the blue green object. I drove back to my apartment and looked up to find nothing left in the sky. I am currently working as a engineering consultant with a focus on pneumatic fluid power. Our company is familiy owned and distributes a full line of pneumatic automation equipment. We work with plants and OEM's throughout the Missouri, Illinois area. I have a BA in finance and economics. I graduated from a top private university. I have a series 7 and I have complete certification as a fluid power specialist. In addition, I volunteer for the Lukemia Society of America and I am a practicing Catholic. I believe the experience that happened to me was a coincidence. If I hadn't glanced out my window at that time I believe that I never would have witnessed the occurence - so no I dont think they were looking for me or that I have ever been abducted. I am not into Star Trek and Science was my least favorite subject in school. I believe what I saw were UFO's. However, whether they have aliens on them I don't know. What I do believe is that whatever I witnessed seemed to tempt me to chase after it. It was a strange sensation, kind of like I was spying on them - I don't know.