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Occurred : 9/17/1998 23:45 (Entered as : 09/17/98 23:45)
Reported: 12/15/1998 02:05
Posted: 12/2/2000
Location: Belle River (Canada), ON
Shape: Light
Duration:7 minutes
At first I thought it was a star, but all of a sudden it took of.

Well. I was letting my dog out one last time for the night and like usually I glanced up at the stars. I was looking to the east at what I think was a planet. Not sure though. I noticed the object next to it. I thought it was a star and I staired at it for about 7 minutes. Then all of a sudden it began to move slowly and shot off into the horizon. It travelled eastward out of my view. Its speed was incredible. I have never really told anyone about this, but I thought it would be good for someone to know. Maybe somehow...someway...someone else saw this.