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Occurred : 12/14/1998 15:25 (Entered as : 12/14/98 15:25)
Reported: 12/15/1998 21:27
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Redmond (Due east of, beyond Issaquah, near mtns.), WA
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 minute
Work at Microsoft Redwest, was crossing to Cafe for coffee break, and looked to east at Cascades, suddenly saw 2 objects coming north to south, rapidly decending, flat dome shapes, very close formation, between hills and Cascades, blinking white light on tops, appeared to be landing or crashing. I believe they are NOT alien but definitely secret UFO's being possibly tested. I truly expected them to crash due to speed but nothing. Just disappeared behind mtns. and never flew back up from behind mtn. It seems inconceivable that they landed at this speed. See below for details.

I discussed with my husband as this was nothing I'd ever seen and believe possibly others have seen the same and not know what they are. I do NOT believe they are alien craft despite how they flew and looked. If I had a ruler in front of me, each craft was over an inch long+ in the sky that many miles away. They were flying nose to tail, one slightly above the other, but again, ruler in front of my eyes, about 1/16" apart. Both were bright silver metalic, no visible wings, tails or other flying parts. Both were blinking at the top, a single white flashing light, rapid pulsatings. They were not truly saucer shaped nor cigar shaped, but more like a flatter saucer shape, rounded at the top, flat bottom and elongated on each end but not pointed as a plane appears in the sky. Their speed was incredible, as fast as jets, and too fast for such a desent. They were both coming from directly north, but far higher up to a lower southern spot behind the mountain range before the Cascades. It reminded me of how the Blue Angels fly to perform stunts, but this was NOT what they appeared to be doing. It was not a stunt flight. They appeared to be landing OR going right into the earth. When I discussed this with my husband last night, he advised me that I might be right that it was something secret we were testing, as he believed there was an old military base over behind Issaquah somewhere near that mountain range, that Boeing used to test military planes they build. I then discussed this today with a friend at Microsoft over lunch, and he asked if I'd contacted you yet. I told him since he supported my thoughts this was "ours", I would send you this information tonight after work. He also mentioned that he'd seen another green ball of light and we began to wonder if all these sitings were corrolated and not alien, but just our own government's secret projects. Remembering an incident in the CA desert in Aug. '79 near Boran, which later was exactly like the "Harrier" we saw (but without wings) at SeaFair, I realized that we had the technology of hover craft, rapid speeds, and wingless flights without it being a helicopter. Because of so many sightings up here, and elsewhere, the more we report the unknown as precisely as we can, the closer we will all get to truth. This technology could well have come from alien technology long ago, but it does not mean what I observed was alien, despite its appearance. I am in the hopes someone else has reported this same incident or a like one which you can compare the data with and see if there is a possible connection. You'd phoned me back when my husband & I observed a bright orangish light near the I-405 near SR520, after we reported it, as being observed by others as well as a military helicopter watching it, too for some time period. And it disappeared very rapidly. It, too could have been observed by the military to see how it performed, a test, and if it caused folks to be alarmed. I am seriously beginning to wonder about all the UFOs I've seen over the many decades and why I see them, over others. Possibly because I do love this world so much and love to look at it and the magnificient sky. I find it refreshing for my soul, but it is why I believe that I see more than others do. It is a daily ritual to stop and look over at the Cascades to view these majestic mountains through the seasons. So, it did not surprise me that I 'happened' to see something that did not belong in the sky at that moment. Had I not been refreshing my soul, it would not be reported now. I wouldn't have seen it. Maybe the desire of humanity is now stepping more as I learned to step, and maybe this is why sightings are being reported in more numbers. Who knows!