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Occurred : 8/28/1997 20:00 (Entered as : 08/28/97 8PM APPROX)
Reported: 12/21/1998 01:32
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Page (Lake Powell), AZ
Shape: Light
8. PAGE-LAKE POWELL ARIZONA AUGUST 1997 ((This is the eigth and last to date of several of these experiences, all of which I now feel are connected. If visitors to this site have any questions I'll be glad to answer if I can. If anyone has any further information or explanation on them I'd appreciate a reply. I've copied these experiences from a past journal.))

My then 14 year old son and I moved to the gloriously beautiful Page ~ Lake Powell in the extreme north-central Arizona, and camped a few days on the awesome beached of the Colorado a place called Lone Rock ~ technically in Utah. While our trip was filled with wonderful events, and a fabulous experience being 'stranded' in Roswell during the 50 year festival, and meeting Derrel Simms, David Adair, Dr. Lier, (I'd been their waitress at the restaurant where they dined on the last Saturday of the festival), as well as Whitley Streiber, Stan Friedman, Robert Ghostwolf, and many others, we had still had money struggles and I was upset and nervous we'd be REALLY stranded. Once we reached Lake Powell, however, things changed for the better. We set up 'camp', ate, and later when we turned in, I'd said a little prayer and apologized for having an earlier tantrum (ie: lack of a little faith in the "Bigger Picture") and just after the prayer, I'd seen a shooting star. It filled me with hope and I asked for some sign that all would be okay. I gazed out thru the mesh window of my tent at all the zillion sparkling stars and the glorious canyon backdrop for another 5 minutes when I saw one of the "stars" begin to move quite erratically across the sky. It had a steady, straight path but every "inch" perspective-wise, it would light up to a bright white, then fade back to a dim star (almost going out) and jag across the sky another inch or so, on and on until it had crossed the sky and disappeared from my range of vision. Its motion was like a zig zag, and at each alternating 'point' it would stop, light up, zig, stop, fade dim, zag...etc. It had been high enough to be similar to a satellite, but too erratic. It was too high for a plane or jet. The same thing happened again the next night, but both events were about 8:30pm. On the first night, as I watched it zig zag across the sky (over a period of maybe 15 minutes), I became aware, in a sort of "singular" fashion, (as in, this had been my only thought and seemed to take over my bouncing thoughts and steady them to this one) that they were our neighbors; but more, that they are the Watchers, and had done this (appeared this time) to let me know all is as it should be. It's real and there's no reason to wig out about it...(this trek to AZ had been part of a higher calling that suddenly seemed to go awry) and they are always there. They show themselves when requested to do so to those who need to or have recognized the "Path", and will either assist in the Awakening, or lead the Waking into knowledge and experiences they need for individual purpose, as well as a collective one. The second night I seemed to "understand" (about them) as tho they were telling me that now that they've proven themselves as I asked, I won't see them much in the near future, but will eventually begin to encounter them more often ~ things (for me) would now change. And they did. For the record, from August end 1997 until this date of posting (Dec. 20, 1998), I have gotten pregnant, moved from Arizona to an island off the Virginia coast, been flooded off the island, returned to Arizona over a 'vacation' journey thru New Mexico and Arizona, situated in west central Arizona, had a beautiful baby boy, bought another computer, been introduced to Art Bell (the program), become a webpage designer (actually getting business, that is!), lost one car, got a new car, and returned to Louisiana...having wonderful holidays and feeling like this is the calm before something extraordianry takes place; I have no idea as to what. Since August of '97, and this event, I have seen no further "lights" in the sky, on the ground, or anywhere else, nor had anymore of these experiences. If anybody has any ideas about any of these posts or would be interested in more details, please contact me. *** I have posted the other events here also. Look for: 1. MOSES LAKE WASHINGTON MARCH 23, 1995 2. SPOKANE/FORD INDIAN RESERVATION WASHINGTON APRIL 1995 3. LAKE SULLIVAN - PEND ORIELLE MOTEL APRIL 1995 4. PLAIN DEALING LOUISIANA JANUARY 1996 5. OIL CITY LOUISIANA JANUARY 1996 6. OIL CITY LOUISIANA APRIL 1996 7. SOUTHERN BOSSIER PARISH MARCH 1997