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Occurred : 12/22/1998 07:25 (Entered as : 12/22/98 7:25 a.m.)
Reported: 12/24/1998 10:42
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Denver, CO
Shape: Oval
Duration:5-6 sec
Going to work, ahead of me at a stop light I saw a small object moving at a fast rate. It was crossing my direction of travel at an estimated distance of a 1/2 to3/4 mile distance. I watched it for 5 to 6 sec until it disapeared behind trees. It was moving in a straight line.It was oval shaped with a dull white color. I did not see any protruding features like wings or tail. Due to its small size it was hard to tell how far it was. I feel it was close to a 1/2 mile ahead. Size comparison to birds [ducks or seagulls] in the vincinity but closer was that of the torso of a large bird at 3 to 400 yards without a head or wings. The object was moving too low and fast to belong where it was.

Small object. Oval shape Dull white with maybe some darker shaded areas I related its appearance to birds that were in the area closer to me and between myself and the object. It was the approximate same size as these birds if you could see them without wings or head and just a torso. I was going to work westbound on Evans Street. I came to the stop light behind three or four cars at the Broadway intersection. At this location the street is on a decline. Basically the terrain here is part of the Platte river basin.It was a clear,cold morning with the Rocky mountains visible in the distance.My office is just 2 miles further west on Evans street.I work for the State of Colorado At A Rehabilitation center for the blind.I am in my 17th year at this job.I am college educated and have never seen anything like this in my 52 years. I've had been out of town until today [12/24]so I am, only at this time doing this report. This gave me a lot of time to think about this sighting and to evaluate what I actually saw. What I saw was this: While coming to a halt at the intersection on icy pavement, I looked to the area just past the intersection, I was slightly higher at this spot as the street was on a decline with several cars ahead of me. We were all waiting for the light to change. This afforded me a view of the viaduct ahead that goes over the Platte River. This viaduct is about a 1/4 mile past Broadway. A few large trees line the river bank on the left. I think they are cottonwoods at about 40 feet in height. That puts the trees to the south side of my west bound route on Evans Street.The sky was clear with a plume of smoke coming off a power plant to the southwest area beyond these trees. As I looked up I was watching 2 or 3 large birds flying around the trees and the river.I then saw the object come into my line of sight from the right heading from north to south,southwest. I fixxed my eyes on the object because of its speed and course. It past by a bird headed in the same direction at a higher altitude and it was moving!!!. The bird it past is what I compared it to in size. The object was farther away and above some power lines as well. The power lines were closer in, but I can go back and visualize the position of the object above the power lines. I watched it for 5 or 6 seconds until it went behind the trees to the south and traffic started to move again. I moved with traffic across Broadway and up on the viaduct past the trees to see if I could see it again. The object was gone. I beleive the sighting was 5 or6 seconds in duration because I later later recreated its velocity with my finger and move my finger as the object moved and counted the seconds. I know this object did not belong over populated Denver at its altitude and speed. It moved in a straight line with maybe a slight incline to the south southwest direction. The object appeared to be between me and the powerplant to the southwest. The speed I estimate would be comprable to a military jet at 3 or 400 miles per hour. The OBject was not a plane.