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Occurred : 14:00 (Entered as : 1400)
Reported: 12/28/1998 17:57
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Victorville, CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:40 mintues
Saturn shape wobbling and spinning on central axis with 2 orbs zipping back and forth and around it with movements like hummingbirds.

Victorville, CA While relaxing on back porch with my dog here in Victorville on a hot, day with blue skies, except for sporatic cumulus heads, I saw silvery disk wobbling and relatively stationary to reference point (my roof tiles). CLouds moving from SW to NE, but object and relatively smaller round and white orbs zipping around the main disk. Main disk shimmered from the side and when it turned on its side you could see an inscribed dark inner circle. I had rand into the house and got a pair of 9X25 (5.6degrees) Nikon binoculars. The objects were not affected by the winds above which moved the sporatic clouds at pretty fast speeds. After some time, seeing how it appeared to be intent on staying around awhile I went to find a camera, but only my Nikon 35mm had film and this has no telephoto lens. However, upon blowing up the objects in Photoshop you can see the Saturn shape and its companion which resembles the "X" shape of those craft that Luke Skywalker flew in the final battle in the movie Star Wars. THese "Xs" seemed to have emitted from the craft, but I could be wrong. THey were hard to see and seemed to leave some kind of visual blur (not a contrail, but could be mistaken for one). I am a college educated professional of 38 years of age, who majored in geological engineering and my wife is a geologist too. I am an amateur astonomer with 10" Newtonian and 8" C-8 with computer and am familiar with the local sky. Often we see strange craft coming out of Edwards AFB nearby. Incidentally, the craft would have been just south of the Edwards AFB southern boundary. I can send a map to anyone interested. I am not mistaking this sighting for conventional or any kind of typical experimental aircraft. I am an aviation buff and have done consulting work for leading pioneering contractors in military aerospace. One more thing. I could see jetliners passing nearby and clearly below these objects. So I estimate that if the cumulus clouds peaked at 55,000 feet that the object was somewhere above this, maybe at 75,000 feet. Therefore, the main object must have been much larger than large airliner and the smaller orbs about the size of the airliner. Keep in mind I viewed with binoculars. I have 30 hours in flight training and my wife is a private pilot. I am sending you the photos by e-mail attachment. That e-mail will read "VictorilleUFOs" as will the attachments.