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Occurred : 1/23/1999 04:00 (Entered as : 1/23/99 0400)
Reported: 1/24/1999 02:28
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Chicago (1 hours south ofoff I 57), IL
Shape: Disk
Duration:approx 15 min
I tried to post this yesterday but could not get to the site so I wrote it all down on a wp so i would not get anything wrong

I saw something very strange last night 1/23/99. I work midnight’s and This was my normal day off, I usually try to stay up most of the nights I’m off since its easier on the body. I was listening to Art Bells show when the dogs started to act funny, this was about 4am central. I thought they wanted to go out so I headed to the back door. I live a couple of miles from a midsized city an hour south of Chicago on I-57.. Our subdivision is built in a large U shape with a farm field in the center. The houses opposite mine are about three hundred yards away across the field to the east. The filed is about six or seven hundred yards north south. We have had a very dense fog for the last few days due to little wind, a very deep snow cover and temperatures in the mid to upper 40’s. The Fog has been so thick that I could not see the houses across the field behind me, visibility has probably been 100 yards or less. As I approached the back door to let the dogs out I saw a green light coming from the back yard, actually from the field behind the yard. This puzzled me since the fog was still out side. I could see it out of the window in the front of the house from the room where my computer is located. I grabbed a flashlight that was on a table and headed out. What I saw amazed me. I opened the door and there it was. A large object probably 40 or 50 feet off the ground. The center of the object, which had a small intense green light on the bottom was located about 75 or 80 yards directly behind my yard in a line with a point 5 feet to the north of my back door connecting the electrical box at the edge of the property. It was about 100 feet in diameter since it looked like it would touch the ground if it were turned 90 degrees and extend about the same distance upward from its midpoint. It looked cigar shaped but had point like extensions kind of like a star of David but eight of them equidistant around the circumference. I poked my head back into the house to look for a camera, my wife took up scrapbooking a few months ago and usually has a camera with film in it in the kitchen. I found the camera, but no film. I was going to grab the video camera but it was in a different room. What I did see to grab was my laser pointer from my brief case on the island in the kitchen. I kept the dogs inside and headed out to see this thing with my maglight and my laser pointer in hand. I only had a pair of slippers on but didn’t think much of it till later. I shined he flashlight at the object but the fog made it a big blur for lack for a better word. I left it on the deck as I headed out to the edge of the yard.. When I reached the edge of the yard and the end of the grass I stopped. I was still 70 or so yards away from the edge of it. It did not move. I shinned the pointer at the object then and could see my beam and the point it hit the objects belly. I then shinned it on the neighbors house to get some idea how far it would go and still be visible in the fog I could see it as far as 2 houses away but could not see where I knew the third house to be. So the visibility limit for the point was probably somewhere between 100 and 150 yards or so. I then shined the pointer on the object running it across the bottom making sure to run it along all the edges to better judge its size. After a few minutes of this the light on the bottom of the object flashed once. It increased by at least, I’m guessing 3 orders of magnitude. Then it went back to its previous brightness the flash lasted maybe ¼ second and reminded me of a photo flash but green in color. After a few seconds it flashed again but twice this time, each flash about ½ second apart. It did it again a few seconds later and this time it did three flashes then a few seconds without a flash then 5 flashes a period of seconds then 7 flashes. It was then it dawned on me these were prime numbers. I still had the pointer and I shined 11 flashes at the green light then 13. The object then flashed 17 at me. We were communicating. Then it stopped for almost a minute. At this point its easier to just write in the number sequence of flashes I have no idea what they mean. 19,7,8,18,19,6,16,19,21,11,21,12,13,20,23,21,24,8 After the last grouping the light went dull maybe a magnitude or so dimmer than it was initially. Then at the tips of the star like projections green lights but a darker green or a little toward blue came on. The object started to lift up then moving a few feet a second at first then moving faster. There was no sound. It looked to be going straight up. I shined the pointer on it until I could not see the point any longer but could still make out the 8 lights from the projections for a few more seconds then it was just gone. The whole event took maybe 10 or 12 minutes, I forgot to look at the watch when I went outside but know that it was around 4 am, it was just after 4 15 when I checked the watch. Then I went out to the field to the point that was under the center of the object. The snow in the field was kind of spotty but a circular pattern could be seen at the point I figured to be under the green light. The pattern was by stepping it off in my house slippers 45 paces a bit bigger I think than what I had thought the object was. My step count was 115 from my army days, this put the diameter of the circle on the ground at about 127 feet. I saw your site on Arts site so I figured you would like to know about this. I would rather not attach my name as I think people may find out about this and think im crazy. But I will give directions to the location without giving my actual address as well as my email, though im not sure thats a good idea. On I 57 take the 1st exit to kankakee southbound from chicago. Note sure of the exit number but there is a Wal-Mart near it along with a mall. Head south 1/2 mile to an intersection there will be a Dennys on the right and the Wal-Mart will be on the Left front. Turn left at this intersection. You will be headed East. The road crosses over I 57 and continues east. From the center of the over-pass the site is 1 mile further East just past the first creek that you will come to. From here you can't miss it.