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Occurred : 8/15/1983 17:00 (Entered as : 08/15/83 17:00)
Reported: 2/18/1999 23:30
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Citrus Heights (Sacramento Area), CA
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 Minutes
Witnessing what I saw that summer day in Sacramento still leaves me in awe. My sisters and I saw an immense object hovering very close to our back yard.

I remember this incident so vividly. It was a clear, hot summer day around 5 or 6pm in Citrus Heights, when my sisters and I were socializing in our back yard. I was 17 and my sisters 14 and 19. Out of nowhere, a VERY LARGE saucer (50 ft or so)descended and was partially over our back yard--at the southeast corner approximately 70 feet away. This saucer was a medium gray metallic color and had bright white lights that traveled in a circular motion around the perimeter--it was so immense and so close! We couldn't see the top of the saucer because we were basically looking up at this object. At first, we thought that it could be a military aircraft, but it was eerily silent, especially since it was stationary and hovering so close to us for some time. Living in Sacramento for 16 years with four military airbases close by, I have seen every possible military aircraft that you can imagine--this was not an aircraft! My sisters and I were hysterical while scrambling to get our polaroid camera; the picture we attempted to take came out blurred (strangely, it was still light outside and usually does not get dark until 8 or so during the summers in Sacramento). We watched as the saucer slowly ascended and headed south. Why am I reporting this story so late in life? First, I didn't think anyone would believe me even though I have two sisters who could corroborate my story. Second, there was a program on last night about UFOs (2/17/99) that compelled me to investigate after seeing an interview of an Ohio policeman who saw a saucer and described that it was so close but made no noise. This was the first time I have heard a witness recount their experience which was somewhat similar to mine. Finally, when a person experiences something of this magnitude, its disturbing; when there are so many people who have experienced this, but no real answers, it is extremely disconcerting. I am not a "spiritual" person but a discerning individual who comprehends by facts. I felt the need to share my experiene in furthering the research of UFOs. I want to know what I saw that day. My sisters and I are college educated, well read, successful and very normal people. I am a vice president of a large high tech firm based out of Philadelphia and have been an executive in the high tech field since graduating from a university at the age of 21.