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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/15/1976 22:00 (Entered as : 07/15/76-76 22:00)
Reported: 4/2/1999 05:27
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Pine City, MN
Shape: Oval
Duration:2 hours
stargazers looking at a beautiful sky full of stars on a perfectly clear night, wittness several craft buzzing over Cross lake. One craft approached and observed the group shined lights on us, windows appeared and we were able to see two creatures gazing at us.

A group of five people were star gazing on a beautiful clear Minnisota night, after 15-20 minutes of sky watching, we noticed a cloud cover converging over the lake from the left and the right (simultaniously) we thought this strange since clouds seem to usually come from one direction We were sitting lake level at a friends farm (away from it all,out of town on dirt roads the farm house itself was about 50 yards away), we were at the boat landing area and talking and visiting. Earlier we had commented on the sounds of the night, crickits, frogs, dogs night birds etc. As the clouds closed up the entire view of the sky, we noticed a dim light which appeared to be about 20 yards out on the lake. The only thing I could think of that this might be was someone night fishing with a lantern or some kind of light source in a rowboat with that source being below the rim of the boat, thus giving of a weird glow.We could make no lines out so we had no idea of shape or distance, out in the country on a lake it gets very very dark. It was myself and 4 lady friends there that night,heres where it gets strange. From the lenght of the light and the size of a row boat I figured it must be about 20 yards out, I called out,..hey are you catching anything? No response ..I repeated myself again.. no response. While listening for a response I noticed that all of the night sounds had vanisher and there was no sounds at all, except.... the sound of a finely tuned engine ,barely detectable, but every thing else seemed oddly still. Since there was no response and knowing a person would usually respond to a call out, I picked up my flashlight a shinned it toward the illuminated nothing, thats strange, I decided to walk up the hill towards the farm and get an elevated view. Walking up the incline with the 4 girls close behind.(inches) I got a veiw of a good portion of this good sized lake, to my surprise ai saw 4 other light buzzing around the lake also at a foot or two above the water it seemed. I turned to the girls and asked them if they saw what I saw and they said what do you see? Anyway we all saw these lights moving around on the lake. By this time the hair on the back of my neck was standing on end.We ruled out all possibilities except UFO'S. As we stood there with our jaws dropped the light that we had first thought to be a fishing boat, began to levitate to our eye level,about 30 feet above water level. Now I always said if I had an encounter, I would make friends, forget it, as the light followed us up the hill to the stairs of the farmhouse I along with the girls were fearful of the light. My friends family was sleeping in the house(father and grandmother)we noticed that the trusty dog that lives on the front steps that was there earlier was gone, we were there to camp by the lake and were set up there. I didn't want to go into the farmhouse out of respect, and I still was in a state of disbelief over all this trying to convince myself it wasn't happining. So I told the girls , lets just sit on the steps for a moment and see what happens. The length of yard was about 35 feet before a small 20 foot incline down to the shore, we sat down, the light now out over the water directly in front of us glowing like a light with a dimmer on it at a very low level. We sat in disbelief as the light at once became brighter, we could now make out some kind of shape, it was like a coffee saucer was upside down, wider at the bottom than top,there appeared to be a pattern within that light(window)and that was like those iron grates you see on sidewalk accesses for sewer systems, kind of honey combed. Behind the grate and in front of the light source were two silhouett figures. I was unable to make out any features since it seemed the light source was behind them. They had triangular type bodies with the shoulders being the wide point, same with their heads shaped like drawings of Greys. These two seemed to be observing us, moving side to side, we were mesmerized. After a few minutes the light once again dimmed, this scared us enough to get inside the house. I decided it was time to wake up my friends father, I went into his bedroom and woke him saying that there were flying saucers outside, he'd been drinking and mumbled we must be on drugs and drifted back to sleep, I then tried Grandma ..same thing. I grabbed a shotgun out of the closet and went back to the kitchen with the girls who immediatley convinced me to put the gun away, that it would only make things worse if they felt provoked...I listened. We then not knowing what else we could do and driven be fear as well as curiosity we went back to the steps sat down and watched the low glowing light in front of us. We werent sure how big this thing was because as I stated it was dark out there and it was just a light and we couldn't see the whole thing,anyway after a minute the light got a bit brighter and from underneath three laser type lights popped on and started scanning very quickly the house the trees,us etc. The lights were straight beams about 6inchis acroos that were very strong and as I said in a laser type beam, it scanned everything in a very deliberate fasion this went on for mayby 15 seconds then the lights went out and the saucer lights also got very weak and we heard about 6 very loud splashes in the lake, I imagined that beings were jumping into the water(like frog men)and would be comming up over the hill any second, we all got very scared at the thought of this and ran back in the house to the upstaires, where the family had some extra beds for company. The upstairs was unfinnished, the farmhouse was over 100 years old and didn'y have a ceiling just the roof then a few wooden cross beams or rafters. this was a summer getaway and was not insulated upstairs. On the center beam going accross the ceiling there was an old ceramic light fixture with a bulb and a string to turn it on and off, there was an open window with a screen on it on one wall. We were all very frightened so told every one to pair up and take one of the three beds. This put us two to a bed all staring at the window. I said mayby it will just go away, we sat there for maybe 2 minutes which seemed like forever, then suddenly it got very bright above the house it seemed as if the sun were shinning we could see dust particles and light comming through cracks and nailholes and it was like daytime outside the window, then suddenly two little balls of light the size of say handballs came through the screen without making a hole! These things were circling around each other at a very fast rate, they zoomed around us and the room and went to the hanging light bulb fixture on the ceiling beam they seemed drawn to it for 5 seconds or so then thew swooshed back out the screen as fast as they had come. Two seconds later it was dark again. We all sat there virtually paralized! Soon I guess our senses came back and we could hear in the distance the sound of a car comming down the dirt road, the sound got closer and closer we heard the car pull into the long driveway and a car door slam ( we realized it was my friend whos farm we were at that we had split up from earlier in the evening finally returning home ) I ran to the window and saw it was our friend, I then shouted to him to stay there!! We all ran outside to save him! As we ran up the driveway to warn him we must have seemed histerical, trying to explain we looked around, the sky was clear , the night sounds back, the old trusty dog was back and it seemed like every thing was back to normal. The local town paper reported several people seeing funny lights and passed them off as meteors. NO WAY The next thing is I looked at my watch and noticed it was about 12:15 am, this started around 10:pm it didn't seem possible that 2 hours could have passed...maybe 21-30 minutes.