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Occurred : 2/14/1999 01:20 (Entered as : 2/14/99 1:20 am)
Reported: 4/7/1999 03:22
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: San Juan Island, WA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:approx 25 min.
triangle shaped object not moving in sky then suddenly darting about

I sent this in to a web site I found in Feb. but never got a decent answer so I at least want to alert someone else about this. This is the email I sent then: About 1:20 am tonight I was working here at my computer which has a whole wall of windows beside it. We live on San Juan island in Washington BTW. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a very bright light in the sky. I looked over at it and saw it was very bright and looked unusual. So I grabbed the binoculars I have here for ship watching. In looking through my binoculars I could see a triangular shaped thing in the sky, very bright with one side red lights and the other green. It seemed to be just hovering motionlessly. I thought it must be a helicopter but it just never seemed to move. When I took down the binoculars I could see it was quite high in the sky near the off coast island of Chatham. I watched it for about five minutes and it didn't move although sometimes it seemed to change angle or something as the lights got dimmer at times (as though it was being seen side on or something). It then moved down a bit slowly, then stopped, then moved a bit etc. The red and green lights were very bright at times and it was sometimes a distinct triangle shape and other times not clearly shaped (it seemed to move so that I was seeing it from different angles). My husband was asleep so I didn't wake him up..until suddenly this object started moving *very fast* and very erratically..........just squiggles of light streaking and darting about in a very random way and very fast. With that I called my husband and he came downstairs. He came over to the window and I told him what I was still seeing and I said I know of nothing that moved that way and handed him the binoculars. Unfortunately he was totally mistaken about where to look although I told him where (he wasted 2 or more minutes looking into the water!). By the time he got that when I said "I think I might be seeing a UFO" it would be best to look at the bright object in the sky as I said, it had stopped moving. I saw with my naked eye the object was now over the city of Victoria (this was about 1:40 am PST tonight Feb 14). He looked through his binoculars and said yes it was red and green lights and he thought it was triangle shaped and it wasn't moving. He watched it for about 7 minutes and then said it was getting fainter. I looked through the binoculars and saw that indeed it was getting faint and it seemed to fade away (into the distance?). The lights were *not small blinking lights* as one normally sees on an airplane. They were a *bank* of lights and did not blink. The red was on the left and green on the right as I observed it. My husband confirmed with me that he observed the same thing. Also he confirmed with me that he watched this *unmoving* object for approximately 10 minutes. Before I called him downstairs to see it, I watched it for about 15 minutes then as I was hesitant to awake him. As I said earlier it did not move in that time period until its sudden darting movement which caused me to call my husband. Other than this one burst of sudden movement it always seemed to be stationary until it faded away. I don't know of any airplane that moves that way or looks like that. I have often seen planes in the sky and they did not look this way. As a test a few nights later (the night after I wrote the email) we both trying looking at everything we saw in the sky for over 1 hour both outside and through the windows. Planes looked nothing like it. Stars looked nothing like it. Planets (we could see Mars and probably Jupiter early in the evening) did not look like it. I even tried to duplicate the darting type motion by moving my head as I watch through the binoculars and I had to move my head about a great deal to make the light I was looking at seem to *move*. I assure you I was not moving my head when I watched the strange light on the 14th nor was I having any tremors in my hands.