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Occurred : 4/14/1999 20:25 (Entered as : 04/14/99 2025)
Reported: 4/17/1999 18:43
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Milford/Milton (between; heading parallel to Rout..), DE
Shape: Circle
Duration:2 to 3 seconds
As I was driving, I think I saw what appeared to be a fireball or bolide meteor with a long tail. I previously thought it landed close by.

I saw what appeared to be a meteor passing by me at possibly subsonic speed descending at an extremely acute angle to the earth's surface. Fireball was bluish green (possibly the nickel composition) and a 3 to 400 yard tail of the same color. The speed was remarkable considering its acute angle it maintained till it went down. I thought it hit the ground close to Waples Pond on Route One, but I understand other people saw it land in a field near Lewes; and again I received email from Delaware State News employee saying they saw it pass East of Millsboro, Delaware. That's about 25 miles difference; it was difficult to judge since it seemed to be so close to the ground and then the intense light went out. Since it was dark, I might have lost track of it as it past me due to trees, etc. At any rate, I called 911 to make sure that they new of a possible impact and/or fire; they probably thought I was crazy. Many people had to see it, because it was traveling approximately 150 yards south of route 1. The fireball was somewhere between the size of a baseball or larger than a was impossible to distinguish by the violent ball of fire. It was just beautiful and something I will never forget. Maybe some farmer or some hunter trekking through the field/woods will find it someday and we can recall this moment all over again! I imagine there is a lot of mass left because it maintained such great speed. Because of such an acute angle, it either skipped across the ground or left a large gash on the earth's surface. I don't think it can hide forever! Wish I had time to investigate, check for large burn area, etc...this is a large area to cover. I talked to radio station and also State newspaper and they're putting the word out, too. Above statement was used to report to other people I know in Delaware. Since then, I have come to the conclusion that what I saw relative to my traveling south in my car was seemingly close, but may have been several miles away and with a higher altitude. Nevertheless the relative speed must have been faster than I originally thought. From what a few people have told me, I have rough may have landed in the Indian River, a body of water in Southern Delaware. I know more people saw this as it was traveling within obvious view of Route One which heads north and south, becoming route 113 by Dover AirForce Base and north. Delaware State News recommended I report this to you. Please let me know if there were any other sightings beyond Southern Delaware. Thanks in Advance! Very respectfully, ((name and e-address deleted))@((deleted)) ((name deleted))@((deleted))