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Occurred : 12/30/1998 17:58 (Entered as : 12/30/98 17:58)
Reported: 1/8/1999 10:54
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Spokane, WA
Shape: Fireball
Duration:4-5 seconds
extremely bright light appearing to the south of our location moving straight down from upper atmoshpere to ground was not moveing horizontally but vertical

My son and I were trying to star gaze through high fog like conditions. the moon and stars were visible. A highly brilliant white/blue light appeared south of our position. It was at least 25,000 ft or more above ground when first spotted it dropped several thousand feet dimmened then brightened again then dimmened to a pinpoint light before dissapearing. Most remarkable thing was it's almost total verticle descent. It was not a reentry pattern nor was there a tail as in comet or meteor. The light was the size of a dime as viewed from our location and more than ten times brighter than any landing lights i've ever seen. My background- 22yr retired USAF veteren with more than 10 years experience as a special fuels handler with various black project programs. I know the light configs of almost every military and comercial aircraft including one's the general public has'nt even been made aware of. this object defies any flight pattern i've ever seen and i've seen some strange ones. will try to send map