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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/23/1997 22:00 (Entered as : 8/23/97 10:00p.m.)
Reported: 5/27/1999 06:15
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
Shape: Formation
Duration:about 10 min.
I was at a party, there was at least 20 people outside when 5 light`s came out of the north east. I thought they might be helicopters untill the light`s got closer. When they were really close i noticed that there was no sound. The light`s at this point looked like they were trying to form a circle formation then broke up and became a line again. Next the light`s got right over the house and hovered in one spot for about 8 min...then the light`s started to leave going up, at such a high alttitude that they disappeared within minutes. About 5 minutes later, I looked up again and saw just one light that hovered for 2 minutes then left in the same fashion as the others.

I was at a party that was being held outside a friends house when this happend. There was at least 20 other people who saw the same thing that night. My boyfriend and i were outside no longer then 10 minutes, when I looked up into the sky and saw these lights coming towards us. At first, i thokught they might just be helicopters, but as the light`s got closer, i noticed there was no sound. At this time, i asked my boyfriend to take a look into the sky to look at these lights. The lights started out as a straight line, but as they got closer they looked as if they were trying to form a circle formation. The whole time this was occurring, they seemed to be getting closer. This formation also seemed as though it were floating downwards. At this point, the lights hovered there at least 8 minutes. After this...they just seemed to take off.....they reached such a high alttitude that you could see them disappear within mimutes. In other word`s....they didn`t faze out like a flare would. You could still see them for awhile,they went straight up...until they were no longer visible to the human eye. It was not like an airplane that travels north, south, east or west...the light`s went straight up and then disapeared. After about 5 more minutes, i looked up, and much to my surprise, i saw a new light. This light was one light by itself. It hovered for about 2 minutes and then ascended like the other lights did previously. That same night i called the burbank airport police, to find out if they had witnessed anything unsual, and they said they had seen nothing out of the ordinary, ubt gave me the number to a UFO Hotline. I called the Hotline the next day, and they gave me the number, of the Section Director for Mufon, a mutual UFO Network. I had a meeting with this man a few day`s later. At this meeting, i discoverd that there had been other sightings in california that same weekend. The sad thing of this whole story is this....i only knew one of the people at this party, my boyfriend. I had just! moved to california not too long before this happend. The party was thrown by a girl i had just met a week after i moved out here. i know longer know how to reach her. One last thing....the time that this happend, there was infact an airplane that flew by this thing. Th airplane was not as high as these light`s, but was very close to the lights.