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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/15/1988 19:00 (Entered as : 4/15/88 1900pm)
Reported: 7/2/1999 08:08
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Yuma/Tacna, AZ
Shape: Other
roundes craft with lights around the outer rim. No sound came from it, it stood in the sky before us revolving slowly. We felt we were also being observed during the time it presented itself to us.

Heading east one evening from Yuma on our way to Phoenix with our 2 young children, I sat in the back with my baby while my husband was at the wheel with my 2 yr. old daughter in front. As I looked out the window to the south night sky, the sun had just set and the mountains were gentle shadows against the sky. As dusk turned deeper into night my attention was drawn to a very bright round light which was brighter than a star, and not as high up. I called my husbands attention to it, but he said it was probably the planet "Venus". I watched for sometime, not able to look away, wondering what it could be. When I did look away, then back, I didn't see it, it had gone. I was more curious now wondering if it was indeed Venus, where had it just gone? I told my husband it was gone. He than suggested it was a Helicopter doing Military operations out there in the desert. In Yuma we were currently stationed at the Air Station there, and operations were performed frequently in the night. I continued searching the sky for the light. Suddenly it appeared, only it was abit closer this time. I excitedly told my husband, "there it is!" He was now becoming abit curious due to my persistance. His next explanation after taking a glance from the road in the lights direction, was perhaps it was a flare. I didn't take my eyes off the light this time, looking for the tail that a flare would have after being shot up or down, there was none. Suddenly stunned as a second light pops on directly next to the first light. Now I yelled at my husband that another light, the same bright color is shining brightly next to the first. Continuing to drive he also began to lean forward and down, to peer out the window. He saw the 2 lights, and then suddenly they were gone. THe best way I can describe the way they became "gone" was they just blinked off. One minute they're there, the next they're gone. The same way you would flip the light switch turning the light off in a room. Now my husband was as curious as me, and c! ontinues driving, and looking out the window. With in moments, the single light appeared again, this time the closest it had been up to this point to our car. It was approximately the heighth a power line would be to a car on the road. Upward, slightly, but not directly above us, still to the side of us. So the single light is on, the second light appears next to it, and then a third light pops on. At this point as my husband says, "That ain't no damn helicopter", fear gripped me as this thing took shape before our eyes. I realized what we were looking at, and it appeared to be looking at us. After the third light appeared on, the light was so bright that we could see the shape of a round saucer, but it wasn't a flat structure. It had a top shape to it, and under the lights we could see slightly up into the center of the craft. There was something there, but it was shadowy and hard to see what it was. It stood there in the sky slowly revolving, allowing us to observe it, no noise coming from it. My husband is now all over the road, while trying to drive and look at the same time. I was more afraind than I've ever been in my life. I felt myself bordering on pure panic, I couldn't believe my eyes, and yet there it was in front of me. Unbelievable!! But there it was. My husband wanted to pull over, and I was screaming no! Then, as quickly as it had appeared, the lights popped off again, and we couldn't see it. Feeling abit safer only momentarily, but pressed for time I told my husband to pull over so that I could drive. I had the intention of course not to stop once I was behind the wheel. But I wasn't sure what he'd do if the craft appeared again, he might stop which terrified me. We quickly pulled over to make our exchange. I jumped out of the car, still panic stricken and jumped into the front seat screaming at him to come on!! He hesitated looking up into the sky in the direction we had seen the craft in. He was excited, exhilirated, but scared too, just not as scared as me. He! 's much more of an adventurer than I. Finally he got into the car at my insistance, and we took off. Our conversation was filled with questions. I remember my husband thinking out loud saying, "I wonder if they can hear us in here (the car) like by the radio or something (which wasn't on at this time). Just after he said that the craft appeared again. We both felt as though it was their way of answering his question. This time it was farther away again, but still within good eye shot. This time the lights did somthing different. Suddenly the 3 lights split off from each other into a triangular shape. They shot off quick from each other, 1 light becoming 3 seperate lights. As I've later learned this triangular shape has been reported by others, and In spite of all the sightings that I think are bull shit, when I hear someone talk about the triangular significance I believe they've seen something. Anyway, our trip continued and we could think of or speak of nothing else of course the rest of the way into Phoenix. The lights continued to reappear to us, but at a greater distance over the desert mountains. We watched them all the way into Gila Bend, and then saw them no more. This trip is still vivid in my mind, and there were some peculiar things about the whole thing. First thing was, after the experience we looked behind us, and ahead of us the highway was completely vacant. We were the only ones there at that time. This led us to feel as though we were chosen to be shown to. I remember distinctly feeling that we were chosen. We wondered why we'de be chosen, but couldn't come up with anything. My husband was full of regret as though he'd missed an opportunity of a life time to be "picked up", and he talked about how he wished we had pulled over, maybe they'd have picked him up. I was so terrified by the experience that I couldn't and still don't understand his thinking, but I do remember feeling very strongly as he expressed his "missed opportunity" that we would see it again. This imp! ression was so strong at that moment, and it was only there after he'd expressed his remorse at the thought of missing out on what could have been an abduction. My children were unaffected by the whole thing. My daughter now 14 has vague memory of the incident, and my son was still a baby at the time remembers nothing. The night sky took on a whole new meaning to us after that. And every trip we took from Yuma to Phoenix thereafter we had our camera with us with night film available to photograph anything should it appear again. There were endless trips after that to visit our family in Phoenix, but never again did we see what we'de seen that night in "88". As all the UFO sightings became more reported, and numerous photo's and abduction storys surfaced I'd have to say many of them I feel are not legitimate. There are always people who want to jump on the band wagon. Personally I think some people that make their abduction stories available are simply full of shit. They have wild imaginations, and they have discredited those of us who've truly had an experience with sightings ect. I am as skeptical as the next person, and would welcome an explanation for what we saw. The simple facts are, I know what we saw. I don't know why we saw it, but I know something is out there, I don't believe it, I know it. I don't know why certain people are chosen, maybe it's simply chance that these sightings occur, but I feel somehow that we're chosen. The only significant thing that has happened to me since then are some very vivid dreams of large, colorful, UFO's bigger than ever seen before. I also had a dream where I was picked up and taken to some terminal like location. In the dream upon arriving at my destination I was taken into a room that was all red, walls and all. I stood waiting in this room, and out from a partition came an alien child, I sensed she was female, and somehow we were connected. I felt no fear as I stood looking at her, and she stood smiling at me. Very strange dream, very vivid.! I awoke wondering what it meant. I still look to the sky and wonder when another UFO will appear to me. OF all the UFO photographs made public, I'd have to say the craft that I saw, looks most like photo's I've seen taken in Gulf Breeze Florida. Ironically, I now live about 20 min. from Gulf Breeze, but have yet to see any UFO's. We never reported our sighting, although I wish we had. I wonder if there would have been some explanation, or maybe someone else who may have seen the same thing that night. But my husband being a military member hesitated. We know that a good deal of the public still doesn't believe in UFO's and discredits those of us who've seen one. For now we continue watching and waiting for the proof to be shown to us all.