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Occurred : 7/4/1999
Reported: 8/31/1999 14:16
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Johnson City, TN
this is getting odd.

Someone might find this interesting or may have had a simular experience.My son turned 4yrs. on july 4, 1999. For about the last year he has been talking about the 'people up there' (while pointing upwards). At one time he was crying and saying he wanted his own body back that the people up there had taken. This continued for several days untill he said he got his body back. He has told my wife and I about the people sticking him in the back with needles and of rides in space ships. Of course this could be just a very good imagination except for something odd that has been happening lately. One morning about 4:00am he comes into our bedroom, climbs on the bed, opens the blinds at the head of our bed and starts waving and saying bye. I work night shift but this woke my wife up. He has also woke my wife up a couple times lately to talk about space ships or to ask her if the space ship is coming to get him. Always at 4:00am. One day while playing with my son my wife asked him! what he wanted to be when he grows up. He is very intelligent and knows what different people in different professions do, to an extent. He said he wasn't sure. She asked if he would like to be an astronaught and he informed her that he didn't need to do that because he already has a ship and that the 'people' are showing him how to fly it. We found this incredibly nerve wrecking because not long before we found out my wife was pregnant with him I had a very strange experience. Basically, I had a dream I was part of a 2 man crew piloting a 'UFO'. There were several things that were extremely wierd about this dream that made me wonder if it was really a dream. I told several people about it and of course they laughed about it. It was quite a good laugh for them until about 2 weeks later when the local news reported that there where a number of UFO sighting and abduction reports in the area I was living in during the past 3 weeks. I don't get laughed at much anymore about it! . The experience/dream I had was not of being abducted but of being a functioning member of a 'alien' crew like my son has been reporting to us. He doesn't give specific details of the ship or landing 'base/planet'like I remember. I just find this strange. If you know of a professional researcher who would like to know more about this please forward my e-mail address to him/her/them. Oh, the night he was born or the night after he was born, the local news showed a video by a local person of 5 UFO's appearing to land in the mountains close to us.