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Occurred : 9/7/1999 05:03 (Entered as : 09/08/99 0503)
Reported: 9/10/1999 22:54
Posted: 9/12/1999
Location: South Miami, FL
Shape: Fireball
On 09/07/99, Tuesday morning, I observed 3 objects in the Western sky

I submitted a report form earlier this morning. I made an error on the date of occurrance. The date Isubmitted was 09/08/99, this was in error. The actual date was 09/07/99. The rest of information is the same as to what I saw. I start work one evening and go home the next morning and dates run together. I was by the location of occurrance this morning and found i was in error. I apologize for any problems I may have caused. It WAS the same morning as the sighting of objects in Tampa. Fl I live in Miami, Fla My e-mail address is shown below

((NUFORC Note: We have changed the date to 09/07/99.))

On 09/07/99, Tuesday morning, I observed 3 objects in the Western sky

3 blue-green spheres seen approx 0503 on 09/07/99, on 10 o'clock over horizon.

I am a security supv and was making a site check. I looked up towards the Western sky (10 o'clock above horizon) and observed 3 objects moving North to South. Distance out from my location was approx 5 miles West of me. I was at 14050 Boggs Dr. Miami, Fl Approx 144 street and SW 112 Ave. The 3 objects had a blueish-green color and at times had a yellow fire like tail. They were no in straight line center object was a little lower than front or rear object. I am familiar with aircraft landig patterns in area and these were not in that pattern. If I were to guess at their speed it would be 200 mph. Like a plane coming in for a landing type speed. Objects dissappered for approx 5-10 sec. Possibly going behind a cloud. We were having some lightning storms down here. Then they reappeared in the same level continuing South-SW in direction. The objects had a "cone" effect like photos a a missle shot where missle causes a white cone to precede it. As said at times objects had a fire like tail. I told my wife when I got home as as ususal comment of being tired was brought up. On the news that evening local TV station (WSVN ch7, FOX affiliate) had a short blip on the sighting in Tampa,Fl. They also had a video clip. There video clip showed the center object higher than the front or rear object. I do not know if you can get copy of the clip Mr Rick Sanchez was the news achorman giving the report.They said officials said it was the booster rockets from a Russian space ship. I do listen to Art Bell. I heard of the supposed booster entry from last week. I heard the interview with the Dr/Pastor from Tampa, Fl. This is to let you know it was also seen here in Miami, Fl. Dr/Pastor said his time was prior to 0500, i think he said 0445 while getting newspaper. I observed objects at approx 0503 hr. These did not appear to be a meteor. I can not give a shape description beacuse of the distance away. News report said going for a Gulf of Mexico splash down. It is along way from where i saw objects to Gulf of Mexico. It is! 90 mile s to Naples where Gulf is. I am about 260 miles South of Tampa,Fl I like alot of people hesitate to report these because of the fall out of reports. But enough is enough. Hearing these other local reports I feel I need/must report. You have my e-mail address below. If further info needed contact me there and I will respond accordingly.