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Occurred : 9/11/1999 05:50 (Entered as : 9/11/99 0550 a.m.)
Reported: 9/11/1999 06:46
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Fargo, ND
Shape: Light
Duration:35 min.
i was outside at work and saw in the east, a very bright light. in an otherwise starless sky.stationary at first. but then extreemly slowly it began to move in a south westerly direction.

first of all, i am a 36 year old male,that has lived in the fargo area most of my life. exept for ten years that i spent in the air force. i am now employed at a travel plaza in maintenance. i am very level headed and know that what i saw was not an airplane or helicopter. it started this morning at 5:50. i was outside and looking to the east, halfway up from the horizon i saw a very bright light. at that time it was not moving. then after watching it for about ten minutes it started to move very slowly to the south west. it was getting closer to where i was and i noticed a red light that moved across the front of the light from right to left. the timeing of this light seemed very consistant so each time the red light would move across the object, i would look at my watch. on every minute i would see the red light. then as it got closer, still appearing as a very bright light, i would see, just a few seconds after the moving red light, a small red blink of light on the right side of the object. then, a few seconds after that, there would be a red blink of light on the left side. they all stayed consistant in there it got closer it apeared to be higher, and a little bit further south. at about 6:15 it made a slightly faster move in the direction that it was going.that move lasted only about four seconds, then slowed to its original pace. at 6:25 i had to go inside to do some work, the light was stil there at that time. then at 6:40 i went back outside and the object, or light. had moved considerably to the southeast. looking smaller and not as bright. by 7:15 it was gone. at arms length the object was the size of a large pea. this is acctualy the third time ive seen an object like this over fargo. the last time. was very much the same as this one, except for the fact that the object sped away at a very fast rate. it also reflected the sunlight very brightly. that time was also witnessed by another person that was with me.the first time lasted only a few seconds. that one! blinked out and was gone.