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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/8/1999 01:30 (Entered as : 9/8/99 1:30 am)
Reported: 9/11/1999 11:24
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Andover, MA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:about a day
emmited a green/white glow

note: i am not reporting a sighting, i am here to report an abduction. the date was 9/8/99 four days ago, my cat was sitting outside of my house while i was inside watching tv. the door had been left open for the animal to move in and out with out me have ing to move. at about 1:30 am, my cable went out, as did the rest of the electricity in the house. then there appeared an eerie glow from the open door. the glow was a soft green/white, sort of a muted color. at this time i did not no what do do, i thought some of my friends were trying to play a practical joke on me. although i did not know what the glow was i moved out of my chair and slowly towards the door. as i swung my head around the frame of the door, the light dissapeared. i noticed that the electrical power had been returned to the house, because the lights in the room i had been in, turned on again. the cable box said the time was now 2:32 (am). when i noticed this, i thought that maybe it had been a problem with the returning of power to the home. i went to sit down in the same chair and i realized that it had been moved. i got nervous and moved quickly to the stairs (going up), when i reached my bedroom (in search of a flashlight) i noticed the clock said that the current time was 2:33 (am), the clocks in the next room, also had the same time. now i was very worried, i ran back to the kitchen, in which the exit to my house was. and noticed that i had recieved several messages, including one with my boss asking why i hadnt come to work that day. the date was 9/9/99, i had no recolection of where i had been for the previous day and an about hour. my cat has not sinse returned and my finger nails had been "trimmed" there was also a black residue on them that seemed to dissolve before i woke up on 9/10/99. i contacted the police but the said they couldnt help me. i guess i am all alone here. what you have heard is not fiction, although in many a desperate moment i most certainly wish it had been. its over for now, it seems, or at least until yesterday begins again...tomorrow.