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Occurred : 9/18/1999 06:25 (Entered as : 9/18/99 6:25 AM)
Reported: 9/18/1999 09:56
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Seattle, WA
Duration:1 to 2 Minutes
Watched a very bright star - planet like object for one to two minutes which remained stationary. This suddenly totally disappeared.

The sighting occurred at about 6:25 AM, when it was just starting to get light. I had just gotten off at work at 6:00 AM near downtown Seattle where I work the graveyard shift and was driving home to my apartment in West Seattle. I had decided to drive the scenic route around Alki Beach and drive instead of the normal direct route since there was no traffic and that it was such a nice early morning. On the way I briefly stopped in several places to look at the sights. The eastern sky was pretty with the early morning skies and Venus shining brightly to the East. Later stopped near the Alki Beach proper and looked out and saw a brightly shining planet / star which I thought it was at first, shining out over the sound. It was from Alki Beach proper generally in a Northwest direction over the Puget Sound Waters. You could see the Olympic Mountains to the left of the object. The object was low in the sky NOT high up like directly overhead. The object appeared like a very bright planet or star or maybe a plane that was a long distance away. It remained stationary for maybe about 1 to 2 minutes while I observed it. Then I looked away only momentarily to observe two people walking with their pets nearby. Then I looked back to where this object had been and it had totally and completely disappeared without any trace of having been there. I then spent the next 5 minutes or so looking all over the sky anywhere out over the sound to see if I could see anything that had been this light and there was nothing to be seen. I concluded this could NOT have been a plane since if it was and it had turned there were usually several lights on a plane and if it had turned, you would have been able to see several of the other lights. Also at this time it was early morning and just getting light but there were still stars out and visible which was alot more faint by far then this object had been.