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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/18/1997 04:15 (Entered as : 09/18/97 4:15 E.S.T.)
Reported: 9/21/1999 19:18
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: West Manchester, OH
Shape: Changing
Duration:1hr. 45min.
My husband and I saw an object hovering in the sky north of our home at 4:15 a.m. E.S.T. September 18,1997, Thursday. It looked like a slit in the sky to me. To him it looked like a red, round, stationary, glowing light low in the sky not making any sound. It kept changing colors of red, green and white, with what appeared to me to be a beam of white light shooting straight off the bottom of the rounded-elliptical top that kept flashing and changing colors. Two other objects were seen very near, or on the ground. I was looking west when I saw them take flight separately and start moving slowly to the east. They passed within 50-100 feet of the observers. Later that a.m. two more objects were seen near our home. One was a white, round light remaining stationary at treetop level as I was looking south. The other one appeared as two white, round headlights flying from the east to the west, then south. They simply blinked out right before reaching the location of the other object hovering in the southern sky at treetop level.

Here is what we saw on September 18, 1997, Thursday at about 4:15 a.m. E.S.T. from the upstairs bedroom of our home. My husband and I saw an object hovering in the sky about one mile north of where we live. It was low in sky and he says it looked like a red, round light that was not flashing and it remained stationary in the sky.It was not making any sound. It did not look like any aircraft he had ever seen in his life. It appeared to be close by and was very bright and glowing. He kept waiting for it to move, but it did not. Then he left to go downstairs to the bathroom and afterwards went back to bed. He looked before he went back to bed and it was still there. He claimed he went to sleep immediately and could not stay awake at all. He left for work at 6 a.m. and looked to the north to see if it was still there and it was not. What I saw was a rounded-elliptical object, flashing red, green and white lights that looked like a slit in the sky.It was low and in the north with no sound from it. The object appeared to have a beam of white light streaming from the bottom of it when I first saw it at 4:15 a.m. from downstairs outside our front door. I am the one who saw the two red, oval objects close to or on the ground that passed near our home within 50-100 feet of where we were. They were at or below treetop level after taking flight from or near the ground. By the time I awakened him, they already had taken flight and I was watching the first one that took off go silently by the edge of our house. The other one had re-stationed itself as a white, round light behind a tree across the alley about 100 feet away. The first one passed by at treetop about 50 feet away from us. I never did see the one across the alley fly away, it just was not there anymore by the time I went downstairs to photograph on video camera the one in the north that we both saw that was still there. Here is what I saw happen after I had seen the bright object in the north flashing and beaming a white light off the bottom of it. I went back inside to an upstairs bedroom to get a pair of binoculars to have a closer look. While there, I looked out of the window to my right to see if it was still there and it was. At that time, I also saw two more objects south of it on or near the ground. I was looking toward the west. They both were red and oval-shaped. They each rose off the ground in an odd pattern of flight. The first one rose straight up to treetop level and stopped, hovered, then moved to my left and stopped again. Then it moved back to the right and stopped again, before moving in a straight line east, toward me. The other one rose off of the ground in a diagonal movement to the left, about half as high as treetop. It moved in a straight line to the east toward me, too. The first one changed shape and color as it approached within 50 feet of where I was. It veered to the south a bit and passed out of my line of sight after it passed by the top of the treetop in the yard next to ours.It was obsured from view by the edge of our house as it continued to pass to the east from the west. They both moved very slowly...maybe 5 miles per hour. I awakened my husband (he worked on an aircraft carrier on airplanes and had a Top Secret clearance that would have been extended to Krypto clearance had he chosen to work aboard nuclear-powered submarines, but he declined, while he served in the Navy for six years. He presently works as a Machine Job Setter. He has been employed by the same company for the past twenty years). He said that it did not look like any aircraft he had ever seen while in the Navy or otherwise. He saw the one hovering in the north while I watched the one pass silently out of sight past the edge of our house. I am a housewife and mother of two children. I recently finished a Medical Transcription course. It was such a brilliant white in the center that I could hardly look at it directly. It did not cast any shadows on the treetop or the ground, which seemed strange to me, too. As it passed by the yard next door it appeared to be round in shape and white in the center with a reddish-orange outer edge. We did not see any solid structure on any of them. The second one that left the ground flew across the alley and stopped behind a tree. It had changed shape and color to a round, white light. I kept watching to see where it went, but did not see it fly anywhere. It just was not there anymore. There was a well-lit moon in the sky, no wind and it was not cloudy. When I went outside to videotape the one in the north, I could not get it to appear in my viewfinder. I went outside to start taping it about 5 minutes after reporting it and having first seen it from our front door. I could clearly see it still hovering there and it appeared very bright in the sky from just outside of our back door where I was trying to tape it from. After approximately fifteen minutes of trying to get it on tape, the battery decharged. I decided to go inside and recharge the battery. After putting it on the charger I went back out to see if it was still there. It was not. I looked around other parts of the sky for anything else unusual and saw a round, white light at treetop in the southern sky. I went back in to wait for the battery to charge up. When I got inside, it was already charged. I put it on the camera and went back out to tape the other light in the south. I was taping it when I saw an object flying from the east to the west approaching towards me. It had two bright, white, round headlights on it and then began to fly south toward the other one I was already taping. I moved my camera to tape it and it blinked out. I looked to see if it was a solid object flying without any lights and saw nothing of it anymore. I refocused my camera on the one I was taping before this one appeared and then went inside. I am not sure what time it was, I think maybe 6 a.m. because my husband had already left for work. I was very tired and went to bed. When I got up a few hours later, I played back the tape of the recently videotaped object in the south at treetop. It was not on the tape. It was very upsetting to me after all that I had seen happen that morning. I went back out the next morning to see if the one in the southern sky was in the same place as the morning before, it was not there at all. I thought maybe it was a planet or a star in the southern horizon and should be there the next day as well, if so. I am still uncertain why nothing appeared on the tape of it or what the ones were o! n the gr ound or in the sky for that matter. It especially bothers me that I can not account for what happened to cause the battery to seemingly charge up in a matter of minutes and why the one I was taping did not appear on the film. Not to mention having seen the odd pattern of flight that the two on the ground made when getting airborne. I cannot compare or identify them with anything I have seen before, neither can my husband whom I told about the other ones and what they appeared to look like and do. To add more mystery to the matter, our computer crashed several times prior in the week to seeing all of this on Thursday morning the 18th of September, 1997.