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Occurred : 9/21/1999 20:49 (Entered as : 09/21/99 20:49)
Reported: 9/22/1999 09:42
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Everett, WA
Shape: Changing
Duration:25-30 seconds
I watched a cylinder shaped object head west, then changed form to a boomerang, transparent like state and then it traveled south

I was sitting on the deck of my home which faces southeast. At 20:49 on 9/21/99, an object caught my attention out of the corner of my eye as I was facing south. To my left, this cylinder/tubular shaped thing appeared to have some substance to it. It had some depth. I could not identify the color, but the spiral material was darker than the actual cylinder. The item did not appear to be hollow. It appeared to have some kind of material spiraling around it, not in motion around the object, but being in complete contact with the cylinder. At first, it appeared to be hovering but it was slowly moving west. It was approximately 1500 feet high (max). I watched the cylinder travel west for about 5 seconds. At this point, I lost focus on the item for about 3 seconds. It was like it had just disappeared. From this point, I believe it was the same object, a transparent, boomerang shaped object located about the same distance up, maybe 500 feet higher, began to travel south. The boomerang shaped object appeared to have more of a rounded top while the bottom appeared to be more flat. Maybe 2000 feet high. The moon was south/southwest of the object and I could see the reflection of the moon on parts of the object. However, I could not make out a definite outline of the object. I could see it, I could make out its shape but I could not describe what color it was. I could see right through the object. When it passed stars, I could see the stars through the object but they were a little diffused like seeing them thru a tinted window. Then, the definition of the curves in the object were a little more obvious as I watched the stars kind of curve a bit when they would pass the edges of the object. The object was pointed south, but it was traveling at an angle where I could tell that it was boomerang shaped. As the object traveled more towards the moon, I blocked the light of the moon out with my hand and continued to track the object. It continued to travel south but I lost it about an inch and a ! half (fr om where I was standing, it was an inch and a half from arms length) before it would have passed in front of the moon. Total time of watching the object travel south was about 20 seconds. I ran downstairs and grabbed the binoculars and yelled at my mother in law to come verify what I had just seen. I searched the sky with the binoculars and my mother in law for about an hour and saw nothing again but a shooting star. No sound came from the object. No light came from the object. I will be sending a map with the location of the object, the direction it was traveling and a scetch of the item(s) as they appeared