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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/23/1999 18:25 (Entered as : 09/23/99 18:25)
Reported: 9/24/1999 12:35
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Victor/Teton Mountain Range, ID
Shape: Formation
Duration:25 minutes
Saw two very bright white lights to the east accompanied by several other dimmer white lights. 25 minutes of unusual movement, individual light activity and group light activity.

I saw two very bright white lights to the east. The moon was out and almost full. Above these two were a circle of approximately 10-12 smaller lights creating a semi-circle above and then appox 4-5 more to the north creating a "tail." There was a lot of interactive light activity going back and forth between all of the lights, creating what appeared to be lines of light. There was also unusual movement of some of the lights (up, down, left, right) which confirmed to me that these were not airplanes, satellites or the Russian Muir Station which was in the night sky. I went in the house to find binoculars and when I came out, the two main lights dropped behind the mountains at amazing speed and simultaneously. The remaining lights also dropped behind the mts. Then a massive group of lights rose up above the mts in a horizontal oval shape. At this point, my daughter who's 6 and my husband came home from their evening walk. I pointed out the cluster of lights and they witnessed the remainder of what I describe. The cluster of lights looked like a galaxy, but very organized. Occasionally a light would blink or twinkle. The mass of lights then proceeded to move to the south in a collective, organized manner. They moved faster than the rotation of the earth. They then stopped. They dropped below the mountains and we could barely see the glow of the lights on the horizon. Then two bright lights moved above the horizon and stayed for a bit. Then dropped back below the horizon. The collective group then all rose above the horizon and created a side portrait of a jet airplane (tail, body and cockpit). The mass of lights stayed there for a few minutes then dropped below the horizon. They then fazed in and out, up and down from the horizon until they finally disappeared completely below the horizon. The evening was mostly clear with a few scattered clouds. The area is rural and city light is extremely minimal. The moon was very bright, but not enough to deter the visibility of what we saw. My ! husband and I are college educated (Univ of Wash). I have witnessed other paranormal activity, but never felt compelled to report it. I consider us to be normal, professional people. We all felt the experience to be really eery and it bothered my daughter quite a bit. I also noticed that a lot of dogs in the neighborhood were whining. Thank you for the opportunity to share this experience.