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Occurred : 9/25/1999 23:10 (Entered as : 09/25/99 23 :10)
Reported: 9/30/1999 14:17
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Lake Oswego, OR
Shape: Formation
As reported directly to Peter Davenport by phone 9-25-99, 23:25pm-------I went outside with binoculars to do a sky watch and was looking in the right direction to a formation of objects. In a clear sky there were 4to6 lights surrounding about 100+ small lights tightly condensed togeather in a mass that looked a swarm of bee's would if each bee had a light attached to it. There was a little bit of motion within the pack but the surrounding lights & the pack were fixed in the formation. The color of all lights was amber with the pack also slightly fuzzy like a cloud or mist were enveloping it. There was no sound. they wre about 3000ft,and no more than a mile away, at about 100mph? They were north of my location moving south south-east. When first sighted ,I had 15-20 seconds of viewing time before they were behind the tree line. I then ran to the other side of the property to se the object clear the trees. At this point only the condensed mass was visible (rest of the formation was gone) and it was very fuzzy looking but still amber in color, same altitude, and gone from sight 30sec. moving S.E. this formation was only bright enough to be seen with binoculars. I am a private pilot (Glider Rating) and have been observing UFO'S day & night for the last five+ years.

((NUFORC Note: An very interesting report. There were at least two other reports, e.g. from Washington State and Arizona (?) at about the same time.))