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Occurred : 20:00 (Entered as : 05/00/67 20:00)
Reported: 10/6/1999 00:18
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Gainesville, FL
Shape: Triangle
We saw very close to us just above the trees a Dark-solid-Triangle it Red Globe glowing lights on each corner (triangle was 25-30ft equilateral in shape)

I am now 47, but at the time of the sighting I was 14 years of age and me and the neighborhood gang of four other kids (three of which were two brothers and one sister)were outside before we had to go in for the night looking for a Satellite that had been launched from Cape Canaveral that morning. It must have been around 8:00pm and it was just after dark and the weather was warm, clear sky, no clouds. Stars visible. I was the oldest and the ages of the other kids ranged down to about 8-9. We were in our own neighborhood and standing at the end of the street. Exact intersection address is N.W 42nd Ave. and N.W.9th Street The kids started yelling for me to look at some lights approaching us from the North. The first thing I saw was a soft red light approaching us thru the trees. And as it approached closer I could see two more red lights coming with it. My first thought was...what is that? As it came into the clear spot from behind the trees, the shape could be seen....a dark sharply outlined Equilateral Triangle with Three round-globe softly glowing blood-red lights, one on each corner where it would have come to a point if the lights were absent.It was Approximately 25-30 feet tip to tip each side although it could have been slightly larger.It was moving about 3-5mph...this I know because after we got a good look at it, we ran ahead of it in the same direction. The purpose of was to get my friends parents outside so they could see it too.they were only about seven houses down on the same street we were on (9th). And we were able to run ahead of this thing which was not too much higher that the trees... maybe 60ft up but less than 100ft. Well my friends parents Did witness this... But I will say this...I have never really understood their reaction to what we saw. The Father, who had been in the army and in Germany and tinkered with free-flight gas engine airplanes, saw this, and went back in the house and didnt say anything....I think he was spooked.... but when I asked him several times during the time after..even years after..he said He didnt know what it was, but would not discuss it... The Mother was spooked and didnt understand what she this is from my viewpoint of course... but I know how they acted at the time and remember it.But as far as my friends go, the two brothers and sister, They have all talked about it in the years since....we all know we saw something very strange. This machine, and it was a craft...was SILENT and if there was a sound, we didnt hear it.I could answer questions about this easier in person... because this typing is draining.. I have never been able to forget this experience. I was not afraid but really want to know the answer... I want to know if there was any other reports of this back in 1967 in Florida or elsewhere... and there is more to this story....something related happened 11 years later and about 60 miles away in Ocala National Forest.But this is too cumbersome here for me to say it all... I met Stanton Friedman in person here in Florida a few years back at White Springs and shared this with him, and Gave him a sketch of this that I made, but he had no information to share...he just thanked me for what I gave him... Sincerely, from ((name deleted)) Gainesville Florida…